My Favourite Ab Workouts

Our core, much like the foundation in a building, is what will decide the strength of the rest of our body. If you build a house on a poor foundation, chances are it will not last long – this is why strength training your core is vital. A strong core means that not only do you take the strain of your shoulders and knees, but your movements are more powerful and controlled and you’re less likely to end up with injury. I have curated a list of my 3 favourite core strengthen exercises.


  • Engage your core
  • Place your hands directly under your shoulders
  • Shoulders away from your ears
  • Engage muscles from your legs
  • Keep your arms straight or rest on your forearms
  • Draw shoulder blades in and down the spine

Hold this pose for 45 seconds, and then rest for 15 seconds, and repeat x 5.


  • Lie on your back
  • Hands come together to hover behind your head
  • Knees up
  • Left elbow meets with right knee
  • Right elbow meets with left knee
  • Make sure you extend the leg not in use, to mimic the motion of a bicycle

Repeat this motion, when both elbows have touch opposite knees, that counts as 1 rep. Complete between 10-15 reps x 3 sets.


  • Grab a weighted ball
  • Sit with your legs out and crossed
  • Twist the ball from the right to the left

Repeat this motion, when the ball has gone to the right and to the left, that counts as 1 rep. Complete between 10-15 reps x 3 sets.

These are just few of the many ab workouts you can implement to your everyday fitness plan. The internet is full of information on core strengthening and training. And if your foundation is not in check, how can the rest of you be? Set yourself up for success!