The Inner-City Living Experience - Calgary Beltline

The Inner-City Living Experience - Calgary Beltline

The Beltline is a vibrant and bustling district just south of Downtown Calgary. Bordered on the North by 9th Avenue, the east by the Elbow River, the south by 17th Avenue, and the west by 14th Avenue, it is home to the neighbourhoods of East Victoria, Victoria Centre, Connaught Centre, and West Connaught. It is named for an early 20th century streetcar route.

Calgary’s Beltline consistently ranks as one of the city’s best neighbourhoods thanks to its energy, amenities, and proximity to downtown proper. But this gem of a neighbourhood has so much to offer; many features you would expect from an inner city community, but there are also some unexpected benefits of choosing to make your home in The Beltline.

If you are looking to buy or sell your dream home in Calgary’s dynamic Beltline neighbourhoods, The Eklund Group is an expert inner city real estate team. Contact our Realtors® for skilled and knowledgeable insight into Calgary’s unique living opportunities in the heart of the city. (403) 863-7434.  

Restaurants, Nightlife, and Shopping

Shop til you drop at the coolest little gift shops featuring local artisans, aspirational decor showrooms, trendy consignment stores, high-end fashion boutiques, and specialty food stores. 

If you don’t want to cook, many of the city’s top-rated restaurants live within The Beltline. You can choose from gourmet burgers, vegan and vegetable-forward menus, international cuisine, and stylish, chill lounges and tapas. 

When the sun goes down, meet your people for drinks at a casual pub, break in your boots at iconic Calgary country bars, place your bets at the casino, or vibe to the beats of the best DJs under the pulsing lights at nightclubs.


Access to all of these amenities makes the Beltline district one of the most walkable communities in the city with a Walk Score of 90/100. Almost everything you need for daily living is accessible without ever having to start your engine.


If you do ever have to leave the ‘hood, transportation options are plenty. The Beltline has easy access to many central hubs and routes for both busses and trains. You will never wait long for a taxi to pass by, and ETAs for ride-shares are mere minutes.

Parks And Art

Although The Beltline is the epitome of downtown living, there are many opportunities to take a breath and enjoy the peace and quiet of parks and green spaces. Some of the community parks are still infused with energy and an inner-city flavour like High Park located on an urban parkade rooftop. But some of The Beltline’s park spaces are more tranquil and historic like Central Memorial, or super kid-friendly, like the new interactive installations at Thomson Family Park. 

And to get a taste of the amazing work of local artists visit the galleries, take a walking tour of the BUMP murals (Beltline Urban Mural Project), and don’t miss the Chinook Arc inspired by Calgary’s most famous weather phenomenon.


One of the most appealing features for people choosing inner-city living is the diverse demographics and population unique to downtown neighbourhoods. The Beltline district is home to Calgarians of all ages, all backgrounds, and all heritages. This diversity provides a rich and nuanced excitement to the neighbourhoods.

Mixed Housing

The Beltline is not your typical planned suburban community by any means. With careful consideration to the benefits of high-density neighbourhoods, this district is a healthy mix of high-rise and low-rise multifamily buildings, townhouse and brownstone style condos, and even some single-family historic houses. From seniors requiring supported living, and urban professionals, to young and growing families, there is a home for everyone here.

Rental Market

As in most inner-city neighbourhoods, the majority of residents in the Beltline are renters.

This contributes to the constant flow, evolution, and bustle of the community, but also presents an amazing opportunity for investors seeking revenue potential. It is also a great option for buyers seeking their first home to start to build a portfolio as they transition into the next phases of homeownership. And for empty-nesters who have downsized and live the snowbird lifestyle in the winter, The Beltline is highly desirable for short-term rentals.
Your neighbourhood is an extension of your living space

We Are Inner City

When you choose one of the Beltline neighbourhoods, you are choosing to live within a community of diversity, energy, depth, and abundance. With many options for housing, there is something for everyone here. Inner-city living means that your neighbourhood becomes an extension of your living space. If you are a first-time buyer, a new or growing family, an empty nester, or an investor, or selling a downtown property, The Tanya Eklund Team can help guide you with our in-depth knowledge of Calgary's inner-city real estate market. We have a comprehensive understanding of the unique communities, demographics, opportunities, and challenges of buying and selling in the inner city. Let our team of inner-city Realtors® share our passion for working, living, and playing in Calgary’s inner-city with you.


Q: Do I need an Inner City Realtor®?
A:  A Realtor® who specializes in the inner city will have the experience and knowledge to navigate some of the unique challenges that can arise when buying or selling in the city’s core neighbourhoods. Zoning, valuations, housing type, offer conditions, marketing and more can be different for inner-city properties than for those in more suburban neighbourhoods.

Q: There are no other homes like mine in my neighbourhood. How will I know what it is worth?
A: The Eklund group understands the unique aspects of the inner-city real estate market. We can provide market insight, help you determine the value of your property, give you realistic and honest advice, and we have a great network of buyers and investors who might be interested in the unique property you have.

Q: How long will it take to sell my Beltline condo?
A: That is a tricky question! Unfortunately there is no way to know. The market can be fickle and inventory for condos can be high. But we can help you understand your competition, find the unique features that will set your home apart, and help you with marketing strategies that will position it to be the next condo that sells in your neighbourhood.

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