How To Find A Luxury Home That You Will Love For Years

How To Find A Luxury Home That You Will Love For Years

The word luxury evokes a plethora of images, feelings, and sensations: unique, original, exclusive, rare, extravagance, grandeur, and so much more. A luxury home is defined as a home that is priced over $1 million. The discerning buyer of luxury homes seeks an elevated experience and has expectations of unique home features and lifestyle amenities. Having a skilled and knowledgeable Realtor® on your side is key to any successful real estate transaction, but if you are buying or selling an estate home, this is even more crucial. We’ll equip you with the right information you need to find a luxury home that will stand the test of time and make you fall in love with it over and over again.  

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Tips To Find Your Dream Luxury Home

Word of Mouth
Luxury homes are targeted to a more narrow pool of clients. This means that not all luxury homes are listed on mainstream markets. Sometimes, luxury homes are listed privately and are only known through a discreet network of market players. Perhaps you’ve heard through word of mouth of a gorgeous new luxury home that hasn’t hit the market yet. Luxury home buyers can benefit from partnering with a Realtor® with a carefully curated network of sellers and other agents and a commitment to using cutting-edge technology and tools to assess luxury properties.

Location, location, location
Harold Samuel in 1944 coined the phrase “location, location, location”, and even back in the early days of the 20th century, he knew the importance of a property’s location. As you’re looking for your future luxury home, the location comprises the foundation of your luxury home. Questions worth contemplating are: Is the home near convenient amenities, like the grocery store, shopping strips, coffee shops, and restaurants? What are the quirky features of the surrounding area? Does it have parks, old trees, historical landmarks, and community centres? What makes the location of your luxury home unique from other areas? Explore some of Calgary’s best luxury home neighbourhoods here.

Timeless Design Features 
While purchasing a luxury home for its unique features is wonderful, you also want to make sure that those features that make it unique won’t quickly become outdated. If you notice certain aspects of your luxury home that you can’t foresee looking good in the future, those are elements that you could think about renovating. 

Look Below The Surface
Let’s say you found your dream luxury home. That’s amazing! But before you get ahead of yourself, you’ll want to see the luxury property in person, just in case the dazzling photos you saw online don’t match up with what you see in person. When you visit the luxury home in person, ensure to take pictures of everything noteworthy. Hiring a home inspector before closing the deal on a house is also imperative so that you’re aware of any unknown problems that may cost you down the road. 

Future Investment
Purchasing a new luxury home produces that warm, fuzzy feeling that comes with purchasing something new. But it’s important to not be blinded by short-term, feel-good emotions and to be vigilant about the long-term investment that you are committing to when purchasing your luxury home. As you become more serious about a luxury home, think about the surrounding area, and whether the area’s value is predicted to increase or decrease in value in the future. If you hear rumours that the city is planning on developing or tearing down certain parts of the community your luxury home is located in, those are the type of red flags you want to account for in your decision that could risk tanking the market value of your luxury home. 

Partner With Realtor® Experienced In Luxury Homes

Navigating Calgary’s luxury market can present some unique challenges. Your dream home is out there, but you may need some better tools and resources to find it. The best strategy for streamlining your home search and closing the deal on your ideal luxury property is to partner with a team who understands the complexities of buying and selling in the luxury sector. The right Realtor® will have the skill and connections to gain access to the city’s most exclusive listings and navigate confidently to ensure your financial investment is protected. The expert team of Realtors® and real estate specialists at The Tanya Eklund Group have the insight and experience to guide you to the best luxury home for you. Leverage our network and in-depth knowledge of the Calgary luxury real estate market to ensure that you are able to find and purchase the home you have always wanted.

If you are seeking a unique luxury property for your next home or if you are interested in listing your luxury property for sale, The Tanya Eklund Group team has the resources you need. Reach out to us at 1-403-863-7434 or contact us online and let’s talk about your home.


Any residential property with a sale price of over $1 million is considered a luxury property. These homes can include single-family, acreages, estate homes, and even semi-detached homes, townhouses, and apartments.

If you are looking to purchase a luxury home in or around Calgary, contact our team first. We have the resources to get you started on your journey and can guide you every step of the way. We have an extensive network of lenders, lawyers, home inspectors, designers, tradespeople, and more to support you as you search for and purchase your dream home. Connect with us, share your objective, and we will provide a strategy that is intentionally designed to help you achieve your real estate goals. To begin looking at the luxury homes currently available in Calgary and the surrounding area, view active Luxury Homes For Sale here.

A Realtor® who specializes in luxury home sales will have the experience and knowledge to navigate some of the unique challenges that can arise when buying or selling a higher-priced real estate product. This includes unique marketing strategies and a robust network of high-end service providers, qualified buyers, and other Realtors® known for luxury real estate transactions. Zoning, valuations, housing type, offer conditions, marketing and more can be different for luxury properties than for more average-priced homes for sale.

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