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The VOW: Lynn C. Cox

Lynn C. Cox is a Rapid Transformational Therapist® (RTT), Certified Hypnotherapist, Yoga, Meditation and Kung Fu coach and Communications Consultant. She uses RTT, a multi-award-winning therapy, to help clients unearth root cause issues, extract harmful beliefs and recode them. Lynn combines her expertise in yoga, martial arts and meditation with RTT® to help clients overcome struggles with weight wellness and food addictions. She also treats clients for a range of issues including anxiety, depression, addictions, performance and more.

Lynn has a passion for people, psychology, ancient philosophies, wellness and her half-pug Jimmy! Her first career was in communications and public relations and RTT® is her ‘rest of my life’ career. She loves the work she does, and her greatest joy is seeing clients overcome issues and transform their live.

Her maxim is Power, Freedom, Truth.

The VOW: Catherine McAteer

Calgary-based employment and immigration lawyer.  She founded Confluence Law in 2014 with a goal to practice law differently - on her own terms - for her clients, her family, and herself.  Catherine is a former engineer and until recently ran a photography business alongside her law practice.  She is an avid cyclist and parent of two girls - aged 9 and 12.⁣

The VOW: Lisa Krzyzewski

Measurably reversing your biological clock – that’s what Lisa Krzyzewski, Founder of Aeon Future Health, Canada’s premier longevity & health optimization clinic/facility is on a mission to do! Born out of a personal need for better health and a desire to feel as healthy as possible for as long as possible, Aeon leverages the latest scientific research and technologies to tackle the aging process from the inside out. If you’ve ever wondered what the billionaires of the world are doing to stay healthy you’ll probably find it at Aeon.

Lisa’s own success in health optimization has fueled her passion to help others become the healthiest versions of themselves. She was able to transition away from a successful career in the energy sector and use her extensive business management and strategic planning background to build a team of “future” thinking health professionals and bring a suite of innovative technology to Canada.

The VOW: Lynn MacDonald

Lynn Hayes MacDonald has been a proud member of the Calgary Police Service for 24.5 years. She is also Co-Founder and Head Empowerment Warrior for Empowerment Inc. From a young age, Lynn knew she wanted to pursue three careers; the Canadian Armed Forces; an Emergency Medical Technician, and a Police Officer. She considers herself blessed to have served in all three careers as well as helped countless women gain skills to find their voice and place in the world. 

While with the CPS Lynn has worked on the Diversity Resources Team as the LGBTQ Liaison Officer, a Missing Persons Investigator in the Homicide Unit, and now as the Sergeant leading the talented team responsible for recruiting and hiring future police officers. 

Lynn has led a very adventurist life, whether it’s hiking the West Coast Trail, shark diving in Hawaii, hiking to the top of Ha Ling Peak, or surfing in California. 

In her spare time, she is active in biking, kayaking, hiking, paddle boarding, and traveling with her wife and adorable fur babies.

The VOW: Kate Hewko

Kate Hewko is a Calgary-based fashion entrepreneur recognized internationally for her collections that are always ahead of the trends. Her work is so fierce and groundbreaking she has been featured in magazines such as Vogue Korea, Refinery 29, Fashion Magazine, and Flare, and been seen on notable celebrities Miley Cyrus, Idina Menzel, and Cyndi Lauper. Kate Hewko’s collections are undoubtedly an outlet for self-expression, defying age and the status quo. 

The VOW: Stacey Lee

A litigator with over fifteen years of experience, Stacey helps her clients navigate difficult and sensitive family law matters. She offers clients experienced counsel across a complete range of family legal issues including divorce & separation agreements, prenuptial agreements, postnuptial agreements, child custody, spousal support, and child support. On every matter, Stacey aims to bring about a positive and lasting change for each client’s life, family relationships, and financial position. Her clients range from high-net-worth individuals with complex business assets to parents seeking help with inter-jurisdictional custody disputes.

Whether she is advising someone involved in an amicable split or in a bitter dispute, Stacey always takes the time to ensure her clients fully understand the law, their options, and her recommended steps. She gives honest, practical advice that aims to help clients move past the immediate conflict and consider the long-term significance of their actions. Stacey makes use of all the tools at her disposal to help clients, including mediation, arbitration, and interim court applications. She makes regular court appearances at the Provincial Court, Court of Queen’s Bench and has also appeared at the Court of Appeal.

Stacey also assists her clients when they are purchasing or selling a home. She works closely with a trusted group of professionals, including psychologists, realtors, and financial and investment advisors to ensure her clients are receiving the professional support they need.

The VOW: Sue Styles

From a bankrupt, single parent of four little ones to Founder and CEO of her own business school, Sue has become the go-to small business expert who challenges the status quo and sets solopreneurs up for success! She has put in the time so that others don’t have to rely on the school of hard knocks to get their education. She went from teaching at the local library to speaking on conference stages across Canada and the USA. From an administrative assistant to a sought-after business consultant who has worked with real estate board presidents, the #1 RE/MAX office in the world (yes, the WORLD!), and independent business owners just like you, Sue guides solopreneurs to reach the unwavering results they desire.

Her solid business habits are included in her book “The Little Red Stick- What Gets Measured Gets Done!” and her expertise in business can be found at

The VOW: Lexi Pechout

Lexi Pechout has a background in racing and riding motorcycles her entire life story. Her passion for motorcycles started at the young age of two when her parents bought her first motorcycle. She grew up in the off-road motorcycle community where every weekend was spent riding or racing with friends and family. As she progressed they traveled as a family across Canada, the United States, Europe, and Japan, to events such as XGames, Hidaka Two Day Enduro, and the ISDE to name a few. "It was an incredible opportunity to compete against some of the best riders in the world" Pechout says.

A part of her knew that racing full-time forever was not a reality as much as she didn't want to admit it. Lexi decided to redirect her efforts after college by working full-time in the industry and hosting ladies' events to encourage new riders into the sport.  She is forever grateful for the opportunity to work in the industry and share her passion with other enthusiasts every day. She has recently started working with a women’s collective called SurfinBerms, where they create a safe place for women riders to get comfortable on two wheels. "Motorcycles put me in touch with some of the most wonderful people in the world.." Pechout says, "because of these experiences, and the people I have met I am compelled to empower others to network and create their own memories in the motorcycle community."

The VOW: Lauryn Vaughn

Lauryn Vaughn is an entrepreneur at heart founding Canada’s largest online destination for the resale of designer goods. She started her journey after living in Paris on a finite budget for almost 2 years after graduating from university. Lauryn’s passion for the circular economy and love of fashion has inspired her to not only start The Upside but now a technology company that partners with retailers and brands allowing them to seamlessly realize the benefits of the resale industry. It's all Upside!

The VOW: Karina Birch

Karina Birch is co-owner and CEO of natural body care purveyor Rocky Mountain Soap Co. She and her husband Cam nurtured the company from its days as a 300 square foot shop in Canmore to the now 13 retail stores and 16,000 square foot workshop in Canmore. Believing ‘what goes on the body, goes in the body,’ Rocky is on a mission to created small-batch products using simple, natural, and fresh ingredients.⁣

Karina’s interest in natural beauty started when she was a young girl who loved smearing avocado on her face and putting eggs in her hair. Now she gets to do the grown-up version of that every day. ⁣

⁣Karina spends her time directing Rocky’s strategy, product development, and brand. Since their earliest days, she and Cam have focused on fostering a strong company culture that empowers people to ‘Give it a Go,’ reminds them to ‘Be Kind,’ and encourages ‘Positivitude.’⁣

⁣In recent years, the company has expanded its ‘Cleaner Bodies, Cleaner World’ commitment to include its built environments.  Rocky’s Canmore workshop and recent store build and renovations have adhered to the highest standards of sustainable, responsible construction. ⁣

Karina balances running a rapidly growing company with raising three rapidly growing children. She maintains her sanity by taking advantage of having some of the best skiing, hiking, and biking in the world on her doorstep to keep her active and balanced.⁣

 ⁣Rocky Mountain Soap has been included in the Profit 100 and Alberta Ventures ‘Fastest Growing Companies.’ Karina has been honoured as a female entrepreneur on the ‘W100’ list; a ‘Fierce Woman of Influence.’ She sits on the board for Rocky Mountain Ventures and is a current member and past board member of Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) Calgary. She is also completed Harvard Business School’s Owner/President Management Program (OPM).⁣

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