Inner City Real Estate: The Benefits Of Apartment Living

Inner City Real Estate: The Benefits Of Apartment Living

When you choose inner city living, you are usually opting for a certain lifestyle: short commutes, easy access to public transit, a vibrant nightlife, nearby shopping, dining, and entertainment, and the unique hustle and bustle of downtown living.  Your options for the style of home you prefer are just as varied as the reasons you chose inner city living: townhouses, attached homes, historic houses, and even grand estates. But for some downtown dwellers, apartment living is where it’s at. Inner city apartments can be simple studios in three-story walkups, brick-laden lofts, high-rise units with sweeping city views, even elaborate and pricey penthouse suites. If you are trying to decide if apartment living is right for you, here are just some of the benefits of this type of inner city real estate.

Inner City Real Estate: The Apartment Advantage

Easy Living
One of the most beneficial reasons to choose apartment living is the low-maintenance, easy living lifestyle it offers. When you choose an apartment, you don’t have to worry about snow removal, lawn care, or landscaping. For many apartment condos, even chores like window cleaning are included and some condo associations even staff a handyman to quickly address plumbing, heating, and air condition concerns within your suite.

For single people, women, older homeowners, and people who travel often, the added security features in an apartment provide great peace of mind. Enhanced entry security, restricted access parking, cameras, doormen, and even security patrols can help you feel safe when you come home and confident when you are away.

Pools, gyms, valet or heated parking, playgrounds, communal party rooms, business centres, even game rooms, movie theatres, salon spas, and restaurants are just some of the amenities that are offered in inner city apartment complexes. These amenities usually come with higher condo fees, but it can upgrade your lifestyle and streamline your budget to pay everything at once.

Community can be found wherever you live, but when you live and play with your neighbours in such close proximity, you are bound to find a sense of community. Often apartment complexes cater to a specific demographic like young urban professionals, seniors, or students. When you are among your peers you can find the support, friendship, and socialization that community offers. And if your apartment complex is more diverse or eclectic you have the opportunity to meet and connect with people you might not otherwise. 

Investment Potential
If you are choosing an apartment as your first home purchase or as a transitional home while you plan your next move, you are setting yourself up for an amazing income opportunity. Apartments make great inner city real estate investments. Your home today can be rented out long or short term when you are ready to move on to your next real estate purchase, especially when the rental market is hot.

If you are considering keeping your current home as an income property, read Tips For Move Up Buyers: Sell Or Rent Out Your Current Home?.


Inner City Real Estate: Find Your Ideal Apartment With The Pros

If you are ready to buy a home in the vibrant and exciting Calgary core, consider the benefits of apartment living and partner with a team of Realtors® who specialize in inner city real estate. The Tanya Eklund Group has the insight you need to make an informed decision when buying, selling, and even renting out your inner city apartment home with ease.

Book a complimentary consultation with the team of Realtors® at the Tanya Eklund Group. By partnering with us to find and buy your inner city apartment, you can leverage all of the information and insight we offer to make the best decision to protect your current investment and succeed with your next one. We are committed to transparency and client education and helping you find the apartment that works for your lifestyle, your budget, and your goals for the future. We are a strong partner to guide you through the complexities of buying (and selling or renting) in the rapidly changing inner city real estate market in Calgary. To learn more about the benefits of working with The Tanya Eklund team of Realtors®, connect us by calling (403) 863-7434 or through our contact form. Let’s get your home sold together!


Inner city real estate can be a great investment for first time home buyers. The key to optimizing your investment is partnering with Realtors® who understand the complexities of the inner city real estate market Read Does Inner-City Living Make Sense For First Time Home Buyers? and book a complimentary consultation today.

There is no cost to use an inner city Realtor® when you purchase a home, as your real estate agent is paid by the seller. But there are costs you will incur outside of your purchase price. Here are some:

  • Home Inspection: $500-$600
  • Condo Document Review: $500-$600
  • Legal Fees: $1000+


Many factors determine whether conditions dictate a seller’s market or a buyer’s market. Mortgage rates, lending requirements, and inventory will all dictate pricing. But the real questions to ask are “why do you need or want to sell your current home and move up?” and “does holding this property for passive rental income make sense”. If your current apartment no longer works for you, The Tanya Eklund Group can help you find the home you need, market your apartment effectively for a quick and favourable sale, and negotiate for you in both transactions so that a move up now is the right decision for you. If converting your current home into a rental investment property makes sense, you can benefit from our robust network of contractors, lawyers, financial advisors and lenders, and potential renters.

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