Important Considerations When Buying An Acreage

Important Considerations When Buying An Acreage

You may be a seasoned country dweller. Or you may be purchasing outside of an urban location for the very first time. Buying a rural property is a great opportunity to embrace a slower-paced and quieter lifestyle, but buying an acreage can be much different than buying a downtown condo or a home in the suburbs. Here are some important considerations when looking for the perfect acreage to call home.

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What’s Different About Buying An Acreage

There is a difference between purchasing a plot of land to plant and harvest or raise livestock and searching for an acreage as a country home. Financing, size of land, and zoning are different for commercial farm operations and residential properties. If you are looking to find your own piece of paradise as a permanent residence or as a vacation getaway, keep these considerations in mind.

Unlike homes in the city, rural properties are not necessarily connected to a power and water grid. Often acreage properties are self-contained, or they may not have any services at all. Acreage living usually means septic tanks and well systems. If you are purchasing an acreage, make sure you ask about existing wells and septic tanks, water potability (safe drinking water), drainage systems, electrical and gas access, and waste (garbage) removal. If the acreage you are looking at does not have these services, get estimates from contractors and ensure that local zoning regulations will allow for these upgrades before putting in your offer.

Covenants And Zoning
Most acreages in rural Alberta fall under the jurisdiction of municipal districts. These governing bodies will set zoning guidelines and land-use bylaws. If you are purchasing an acreage with an existing dwelling and outbuildings, the land use of that property has likely been established. But if you are purchasing an undeveloped acreage or you plan to redevelop the acreage (adding new buildings, creating a pond, establishing new roadways, raising non-commercial animals like horses), you will need to check with local regulating bodies to ensure that the property can support your lifestyle vision.

Homeowner Fees
Ask if the acreage you are considering is part of a co-op or a homeowner association. Some acreage communities will form collaborative organizations to cover maintenance of common areas and amenities, landscaping, and snow removal. Some homeowner associations will also have guidelines about property and home maintenance and changes.

Maintenance And Insurance Costs
Expenses associated with property maintenance and insurance are common to all homeowners, urban and rural. But there are factors that impact acreage maintenance and insurance costs that are unique. Larger properties mean increased expenses for upkeep. Septic tanks and wells are costly and need to be maintained regularly and replaced periodically. Insurance rates for rural acreage owners will be impacted by environment (Located on a flood plain? At higher risk for wildfires? Far away from fire protection services?), location, land size, number of buildings, property access, and more.

Extra Expenses When Buying
When you purchase a home in the city there are some expected costs associated such as a home inspection or a condo document review. When purchasing an acreage there may be some additional costs to budget for. We recommend inspections for all existing buildings, asbestos and radon testing, soil testing, and well and septic testing at the minimum. Your lender may also require a water potability certificate and certain environmental studies.

To explore your options for country living, check out acreages for sale in the rural areas surrounding Calgary.

Protect Your Acreage Investment With An Experienced Realtor® Team

If you are yearning to leave the hustle and bustle of the big city and carve out your very own Alberta homestead, acreage living is the way to go. Buying an acreage can be a bit more difficult to navigate if you are a new homebuyer or if you have only purchased urban properties in the past. To ensure that you are considering every important detail to protect your investment, partner with a team of Realtors® who understand the complexities of negotiating acreage deals in rural Alberta.

The rural real estate market is booming with urbanites seeking a different way of living. If you are looking to buy or sell in rural Alberta, it is crucial that you choose a Realtor® with experience with acreages and a network of players in the rural market. The Tanya Eklund Group are acreage specialists and we bring the same brand of client care, meticulous attention to detail, thorough market knowledge, and savvy negotiating to our rural and our urban clients. To explore your options for gracious country living, farming, recreation, and investment in rural Alberta, connect with our team by calling (403) 863-7434 or through our online contact form and let’s find the perfect country home together.


You can begin your search using our online property search tool here. And you can also contact our team of Calgary Realtors® to share with us your goals for acreage living and we can help you explore all the possibilities, even with some properties that may not be listed on the MLS®.

Yes. If you are purchasing an acreage that is a part of a bareland condo (a monthly fee) you may need to consider that fee. Bareland condo fees are typically different from HOA (Home Owners Association) fees as HOA fees are often paid yearly.

Unless you are purchasing an acreage for commercial agriculture or livestock purposes, mortgage financing for acreages is generally the same as urban properties.

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