Tips When Selling Acreages Around Calgary

 Tips When Selling Acreages Around Calgary

We have been through a lot in the past couple of years. For many of us, this pandemic has given us the opportunity to reflect on our lifestyle and the courage to make the changes that will help us live the life we really want to have. Some people have decided that they long for quiet tranquility; a simpler life. They want a garden where they can grow food. They are seeking a peaceful and safe space and the ability to work remotely is finally making that possible. Some others have decided that their rural property is no longer what they want or need. Perhaps they want to be closer to their city cousins, or they want easy access to more urban amenities, or maybe they want an acreage that is even farther tucked away from everyone else. 

Whatever the case, the rural market is active with people looking to make a change. If you are considering selling your idyllic country acreage here are some tips from a real estate pro to position your property to be the next sale in your neck of the woods.


Know The Land

Buyers seeking a rural property will most often have an agenda. They will be seeking a vacation or recreation property, an acreage that will allow them to have the garden of their dreams, a piece of land with a self-sustained home or a workshop for their hobbies. You do yourself the greatest service by really understanding your unique rural property, what sets it apart, and the type of buyer to whom it will have the most appeal. Do you have fertile, lush soil great for growing things? Is your hilly, treed lot ideal for horseback riding or ATVing? Is the lazy stream meandering through your acreage great for a hobby fisherman. When you know your land, you can avoid wasting time with buyers seeking something specific and instead market to those who covet what you have.

Know Your Systems

Urban buyers love the idea of rural living, but they may not know the nitty gritty details of living “off the grid” of city water, sewage, and utility conveniences. Providing potential buyers with a current assessment of your water and septic systems, a summary of your electrical, gas, and internet service systems, and a detailed outline of any backup or emergency technologies or strategies you have will help buyers see your home as a safe and liveable space.

Spruce It Up

Just as with a sale of any property, you want to present your acreage in the most appealing light possible. You want potential buyers to be able to envision themselves living there; strolling the property line at sunrise, watching their children or grandchildren run wild through the fields, hosting giant family gatherings at Thanksgiving or Christmas. Take the time to clean up overgrown pastures, clear out flowerbeds and outbuildings, paint the trim on your home. All of these little touches will go a long way to show buyers that your home and property have been lovingly cared for and maintained.

Have Patience

Though not always the case, rural properties can often take longer to sell than typical urban homes. The buyer pool for acreages is often more diverse and buyers usually have a very specific vision for their rural property. As we mentioned before, some buyers will look for flat, abundant fields, some will be seeking a specific vista, some will want the privacy of a treed lot. Most often when you are selling an acreage, patience is a virtue if you want to get the most optimal price for your property.

Work With The Experts

One of the most important tips to consider when you are selling your rural property is to partner with an expert. A Realtor® experienced in selling acreages will understand the unique features that are necessary to accurately assign a current market value to your property. They will consider things like potential land use and future development, zoning, soil quality, site improvements, road accesses, and more. All of these factors will influence what your property should be listed at and what it can sell for. These factors will also influence a successful marketing strategy to position your home as the next acreage sale. And as a bonus… and Realtor® who is experienced in selling acreages in and around Calgary will have a robust network of support professionals from lawyers and inspectors, to accountants and contractors to make sure that your investment in your rural acreage is protected.

Your Choice For Buying And Selling Acreages In And Around Calgary

The Tanya Eklund Group are Calgary’s choice Realtors®for buying and selling acreages. Our team brings the skilled insight needed to position your unique rural property to sell quickly and for top dollar. We are connected in the rural real estate network to help you find the country home of your dreams. Southern Alberta has some of the most beautiful rural homes and the most picturesque landscapes in the world, but there are some important considerations when buying or selling an acreage property such as well and septic systems, county bylaws and covenants, environmental concerns, and school districts. Let us help you navigate your rural real estate transaction. Let us be your Acreage Specialists.


Q: Are there any bareland condo fees that I need to consider?
A: Yes. If you are purchasing an acreage that is a part of a bareland condo (a monthly fee) you may need to consider that fee. Bareland condo fees are typically different from HOA (Home Owners  Association) fees as HOA fees are often paid yearly.

Q: What types of inspections should I consider for the purchase contract of my rural acreage?
A: Your rural property may require a few inspections that you wouldn’t typically conduct on an urban property. At the very least we recommend:

  • A home inspection
  • Asbestos and radon testing
  • Soil testing (depending on location)
  • Well and septic testing (when applicable)

Q: Where can I search for rural properties and acreages?
A: You can begin your search using our online property search tool here. And you can also contact our team of Calgary Realtors® to share with us your goals for acreage living and we can help you explore all the possibilities, even with some properties that may not be listed on the MLS®.

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