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How To Market Your Inner City Home

How To Market Your Inner City Home

Inner- City living offers the opportunity for an exciting and dynamic lifestyle. As a hub of shopping, entertainment, and the arts, dining, and recreation, the inner-city easily attracts people seeking an urban lifestyle. But inner-city real estate is also very dense, offering buyers such a variety of housing types and locations, it is important to position your property to be the next to sell. 

Working with an Inner-City specialist can give you insight into all the considerations of marketing your urban home including:

  • Understanding the unique appeal of your neighbourhood: walkability, services, amenities, recreational opportunities, schools, etc.
  • Understanding your buyer: who is currently buying in your neighbourhood, what features and budgets are today’s buyers focused on.
  • Understanding your home: what unique features does your home offer and how can you market these to attract buyers
  • Understanding the market: what is a realistic expectation of the value of your property in today’s market conditions

The goal is to consider innovative tools to market your property to reach not only a wide buyer pool, but also to ensure that your ideal buyer is within that pool. When marketing an inner-city property, consider working with a REALTOR © who is an Inner-City Specialist. This agent will have the expertise to market your home and the knowledge of the unique selling features of an inner-city property. 

The Appeal Of Your Inner-City Home

Part of the beauty of inner-city living is the mature landscaping, diversity of populations, unique pockets of culture and gritty sophistication of certain neighbourhoods, the variety of housing. This buyer values walkability and access to public transit, and highlighting the lifestyle of downtown living is key.  In addition to highlighting the amenities of your neighbourhood; the nearby shops, restaurants, and services that make your neighbourhood unique, it is important to call attention to the characteristics of your home:

  • Historic Building: The appeal of your home lies in the architectural details that are not common in homes these days. Buyers will be drawn to the brick facades, vintage archways, original flooring and finishes. But if your home has been restored or renovated, highlight features like smart home wiring, new furnace and hot water systems, updated plumbing and electrical. Buyers will be happy to know this won't be a concern for them for years to come.  Sometimes historic homes offer large, almost sprawling lots; sell your buyers on the opportunity for privacy and estate-like living in an urban setting. Historic home buyers are seeking the gracious living of a time gone by, right in the heart of a bustling downtown environment.  
  • Infills and New Builds: Many buyers want the mature and established neighbourhoods of the inner-city, but they also want a home that is contemporary and newly built. If your inner-city property is a newer home, highlight the benefits of new construction in a historic neighbourhood to attract this buyer. Modern amenities like smart home features, sleek architecture and building materials,  and clean, low-maintenance landscaping will appeal to this buyer who is seeking an effortless home base for their urban adventures.
  • Multi-Family Living: Buyers choose multi-family properties when they are avoiding the home-maintenance responsibilities of single-family living. Amenities like pools, gyms, courtyards, security, and concierge services are important for this buyer. They do not necessarily expect tons of square footage, but value well-designed, efficient spaces that offer smart storage solutions and worry-free living. Highlight features like parking, nearby services, city views, and make sure you inform buyers of any special building features like sound and fire suppression that enhance privacy and safety for residents.

When marketing your inner-city home, it is important to remember that all kinds of homes can be revenue properties for buyers too. Your home in the heart of a city could benefit from highlighting its features and nearby amenities that may make it appealing to a buyer looking for a property for long or short-term rentals.

We Live Inner-City

Marketing your inner-city home requires some considerations not common in suburban home sales. The Tanya Eklund Group can provide you with the expertise and insight required to ensure your property is positioned for a quick and profitable sale. Our experience and knowledge are genuine; we work, live, and play in Calgary’s Inner-City. Contact us today to leverage our network of qualified buyers and investors and let us guide you through the process of selling your unique Inner-City property.


Frequently Asked Questions

Selling one unit in a multi-unit complex can be challenging. We definitely have some tools that can help. The goal is to make your unit the most attractive and appealing unit for the widest pool of buyers. This will include highlighting the features that are unique to your unit (even in a complex of similar units): 

  • Do you have a ground-level unit? Penthouse-level?
  • Do you have a larger patio? West-facing unit? City skyline view?
  • Are you close to the elevator? Away from the utility room?
  • Do you have a coveted parking spot?
  • Did you upgrade countertops? Flooring?

Every unit will have something to set it apart. With careful marketing, thoughtful pricing strategies, and perhaps even some staging advice, it is possible to position your unit to be the next sale in your complex. The Tanya Eklund Group has the expertise and the buyer connections to put you in the best place for success in selling your multi-family property.

Determining a price for your home when it is an unusual or unique property in your neighbourhood, requires a bit more work. As Inner-City specialists, we can do a detailed analysis of all the properties that are listed and have sold in your neighbourhood. We will also compare and contrast with homes similar to yours in other neighbourhoods and make adjustments for location, lot size, parking, amenities, taxes, and more. Our experience and insight into Calgary’s real estate market mean we are confident we can price your property to sell quickly and for top dollar.

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