How to Have it All – Behind the Curtain of a Boss Babe!

I have always been very open about building and running my business and I feel it is part of my role to help mentor others who are trying to start their own success in the real estate industry.

My phone rings about once a week, from other REALTORS®  asking how I do it? Well, I will tell you!

I work my butt off! I started like everyone else, trying any idea that I could think of. I cold called people out of the white pages (boy, I am dating myself!), I knocked on doors, I advertised, I built a website.

It has been an evolution over seventeen years of driving my business towards success – first in my mind, and then in the real world. Yes, I have made mistakes, trusted the wrong people, spent money on things that didn’t work, but I have also had good luck, timely opportunities (like when a new lead emails you out of the blue and buys a property you have listed), and amazing support!

Three key points I would advise anyone looking to have a break-through as a real estate agent, would be these:

1. Always reach beyond your capabilities- then you will challenge yourself to grow.

2. Hire a business coach, seek out mentors, ask for advise so you can fast-track your results.

3. Surround yourself with support! I have a team in my office that has my back and helps build the business and fill in for my shortfalls and time limitations. My amazing husband, Chad, provides an entrepreneurial sounding board from another industry that gives me a big picture view. Our nanny, Zen, has been a God-send in the care of our two girls so that I can rest assured they are in the best hands when I am away from home. And my clients are connectors and openly send their contacts straight to me when they hear those two special words ‘real estate’!