3 Hints You Have Outgrown Your Starter Home

The real estate that once served all your needs, that you loved coming home to, that hosted your birthdays and Christmas parties, can wear thin if you find space starts becoming an issue.

Your beautiful starter home can become insufficient over time, and depending on your comfort or dis-comfort level, you may be ignoring the signs that it is time to move. If you have any of these situations, you may want to consider having a conversation around whether it is time for you and your family to buy your next home!

Hint #1

You have no room for anything even after you have purged each season. 

It’s time for spring cleaning and that means getting rid of the old storage that is no longer needed. Of course, we all need a certain amount of storage space, so if you find that after bicycles, holiday decorations, old school memory boxes and winter clothes that you are still running out of space it may be time to face the facts. The kid’s bedroom closets can only hold so much of mom and dad’s extra stuff!

Hint #2

Your family is growing and you are out of bedrooms.

I use to have a home office – now it is a nursery. When family comes to visit in the summer we will have nowhere to put them! If you have experienced a growth in your family whether it be the welcome addition of new baby, or the trending increase of “Boomerang kids”, (when your 20-29 yr old returns home unable to fly on their own due to schooling or job loss etc)  you may feel your home is busting at the seams. Maybe you feel you are going to need a mother-in-law suite, or extra recreation room for entertaining. It may be time to assess if you have run out of extra rooms!

Hint #3

You have no garage or single garage and need at least a double. 

Sure, one can get used to not having a garage, but after a few of years of plugging in your car, brushing off the snow and storing your skis under the stairs you might be at the end of your rope. The extra space and convenience a garage can offer might be just what the doctor ordered! There are pros and cons to whether the garage is attached (it will be warmer and keep your vehicle warm in the winter) or detached (you won’t have to give up any home square footage) so perhaps it is time you got out a pen and put on paper your options for more space.

If I or my team can help you sell your starter home and search for your next residence, we are here to help!