Do I Have to Pay These Property Taxes?

How Do I Dispute My Property Tax Assessment?

I receive calls every spring from frustrated home owners who have opened their tax assessment and feel that their assessed value is too high. What can you do if your tax assessment is wrong?

First, let me assure you that just because your assessment comes from a government body, it does not make it official and right. However, because it does from a government body, there is a process to contest or challenge any properties that you own and want reviewed.

Next, I want to make sure that you realize how the City arrives at your assessment number. They review permits that have been pulled over the year and appraised values from the previous July using a “process which is based on mass appraisal models that are an expression of how supply and demand factors interact in the real estate market.” (The City of Calgary)

Once you receive your Tax Assessment Notice, also note that this is not your bill, the bill will be sent to you in May (if it is regarding a residential property). From the time you receive your bill you have 60 days to review for accuracy and inquire if you find an inconsistency. This year, 2017, you will have until March 6th.

If you decide that you want to challenge the assessment, then you should call the City of Calgary at 403-268-2888. If you cannot come to an understanding then you can file a formal complaint with the Assessment Review Board and have them review your assessment.

As always, if you ever need me to pull some comparable values or give advice, I am here to help!