How to Get Your House Sold in the Spring!

Spring has been a long time coming and now that it’s here I don’t want you to waste a minute wondering what you should do to get your home sold. Our office is hopping as we help our clients implement these top three recommendations and we are not surprised to be seeing the occasional multiple offer!

Priced to sell!
The most important aspect to attracting a good offer on your home is the wisdom to list it at the most appealing price. You may have the loveliest home on your street, the best lot in your neighborhood, but if you put a sticker on it at a high price thinking that no one will notice – think again!

Consumers today know the values when they are buying property and even if they aren’t sure, their REALTORS® will pull the most recent comparables to confirm that the offer is sensible. So, use this strategy to your benefit by pricing aggressively and possibly drawing multiple offers to your table.

If the barn needs painting, paint it!
Everything is so drab at this time of year, don’t let your house blend in with the old leaves and parched grass. Try using colorful planters at your front door. For a moderate investment, this can offer a welcome invite to potential buyers.

Another quick fix is a freshly painted door! A choice color of yellow, red, blue, even green sometimes can attract excitement and anticipation for what is to come on the inside.

It’s what’s inside that counts!
Don’t let the interior disappoint! Some strategic staging can be a great investment (you may not want to leave after getting your home staged!), especially in the main rooms. If you have the knack for decorating yourself, then consider splurging on fragrant and colorful bouquets of fresh florals to subliminally draw your prospective buyers to fall in love.

A clean, fresh and floral interior will delight your viewers.

If you have a home you want to sell this Spring I hope we can help you get the results you want, we are here to help!

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3 Hints You Have Outgrown Your Starter Home

The real estate that once served all your needs, that you loved coming home to, that hosted your birthdays and Christmas parties, can wear thin if you find space starts becoming an issue.

Your beautiful starter home can become insufficient over time, and depending on your comfort or dis-comfort level, you may be ignoring the signs that it is time to move. If you have any of these situations, you may want to consider having a conversation around whether it is time for you and your family to buy your next home!

Hint #1

You have no room for anything even after you have purged each season. 

It’s time for spring cleaning and that means getting rid of the old storage that is no longer needed. Of course, we all need a certain amount of storage space, so if you find that after bicycles, holiday decorations, old school memory boxes and winter clothes that you are still running out of space it may be time to face the facts. The kid’s bedroom closets can only hold so much of mom and dad’s extra stuff!

Hint #2

Your family is growing and you are out of bedrooms.

I use to have a home office – now it is a nursery. When family comes to visit in the summer we will have nowhere to put them! If you have experienced a growth in your family whether it be the welcome addition of new baby, or the trending increase of “Boomerang kids”, (when your 20-29 yr old returns home unable to fly on their own due to schooling or job loss etc)  you may feel your home is busting at the seams. Maybe you feel you are going to need a mother-in-law suite, or extra recreation room for entertaining. It may be time to assess if you have run out of extra rooms!

Hint #3

You have no garage or single garage and need at least a double. 

Sure, one can get used to not having a garage, but after a few of years of plugging in your car, brushing off the snow and storing your skis under the stairs you might be at the end of your rope. The extra space and convenience a garage can offer might be just what the doctor ordered! There are pros and cons to whether the garage is attached (it will be warmer and keep your vehicle warm in the winter) or detached (you won’t have to give up any home square footage) so perhaps it is time you got out a pen and put on paper your options for more space.

If I or my team can help you sell your starter home and search for your next residence, we are here to help!

Keeping My Team Motivated and On-Track for A Record Year

A recent blog posted about our team, by a business coach, says:

You Start With Goals and End With Habits

That is the core of our business and knowing our numbers and goals keeps us motivated to do the work! At the Tanya Eklund Group, we start each year with a business planning meeting. We go over what has been working well, and ask if there are any things we could be doing better or doing differently to help grow our business.

With the explosion of social media platforms, our online presence is a big focus for this year and we hope our clients, friends and network will find our posts informative, relevant and sometimes entertaining! I know we have been having fun taking more photos and announcing our listings more often.

With our team of six women (four agents, two office managers) there is never a shortage of reasons to celebrate and we take opportunities for team lunches, birthday celebrations and recently, one of our own got engaged, so we are thrilled for her and full of congratulations!

I feel lucky to have a group of women who build each other up and fill in for shortfalls. In our office we have our mission statement on our wall and part of that reads:

“We are wonder women, no task is too big or too small, we handle it all…”

I think that I have become a better leader over the last few years and I always do my best to create and maintain a respectful and fun environment. I have mentors myself, hire experts to educate when needed and I belong to other organizations outside of the real estate industry which give me different perspectives.

I expect that 2017 could be our best year ever!

If you are thinking about real estate connect with me today~

Talk America Radio Show

The secondary show is an approach to showcase the resilience and hard work of women in a role of power. Tanya is a perfect example of a female who has worked hard, has proven her abilities and continuously and carries the identification of one of the top 100 REMAX agents in Canada and the #1 female broker in the Greater Calgary area. David will touch base on her upbringing, hurdles and steps she has taken to reach the position she is in today.

Click here to watch the video


The Monk Who Sold His House

We have had some of the nicest clients sell their home this past year! I remember one of the sweetest couples. It was time for them to return to the east coast and I was privileged to sell their property in the inner city as their Calgary REALTOR®. You wouldn’t believe how many unique circumstances bring about a move. These folks were returning to Nova Scotia, re-acquainting with family and friends and are opening a bed and breakfast (which I am invited to anytime!).

I have had people move to Vancouver and Texas for work, build their retirement home on an acreage outside the city limits and I have worked with lovebirds, on the joyful occasion, when they sell their separate properties and buy their first home together to begin their lives.

There are also much more solemn occasions for selling like a death in the family or a heartbreaking divorce.

I think one of the most unique reasons for selling I was ever a part of, was the man who was a monk and decided it was time to spread his wings and bought a one way ticket to Thailand to retire!

Everyone has their own unique reasons for buying and selling and I respect your unique motivation and am here to help navigate the happy or hard times.

If you have been thinking of selling your home, for whatever reason, we are always here to help!

Staging Perfection!

There is nothing lovelier than walking in to a perfectly staged home that suits your client’s needs and presents like it’s put on its best tuxedo to impress them!

Everyone knows that living in a home is totally different than presenting a home for sale – and in fact, the two don’t often mix that well.

When the conditions are right, a family has bought already or moved dwellings and their property can be staged and not lived in, then the staging artist can really get creative!

If you are thinking of staging your home for sale and you live in it, I would caution you that it can be quite challenging to keep up appearances for very long! Our natural need for having ‘our stuff’ within grasp adds to clutter before you know it! And those family pictures on the wall are happy memories for the home owner but just white noise to potential buyers.

Main rooms can be drastically improved and romantic master suites can really become dreamy with the right home stylist.

We all love visiting a nicely staged home, but living in one can be a little unrealistic. While I usually recommend putting effort into showing a ‘ready to buy’ product, if you are living in your home until it sells then complete staging may not be a convenient option for you.

However, if you have moved or have the option to vacate while your property is for sale, then the right staging can help the right buyer fall in love with your home.

I just love the way an ideal piece of art, a faux fur throw or multiple cushions can suddenly transform a room from gloomy to glamorous!

When I help you with the sale of your home, we will go through all the options and costs of staging – but don’t be surprised if you fall in love with your home again and don’t want to leave! It’s happened before.

Connect with me today, about your real estate needs for tomorrow!

Kitchen Upgrades that Will Take Your Breath Away!

Would it surprise you to know that approximately 87% of my Buyers are influenced on the purchase of their home by the kitchen? The ‘heart of the home’ can make or break a sale, so here are some of the best features I have seen that have helped a buyer fall in love and make the decision to buy a particular home.

1. Rock Counters / Island

No one can deny the elegance and esteem that comes from an exquisite granite, quartz or raw edge countertop! Endless options are available to impress your friends and family from unique colors, textures and finishes. Using stone in your kitchen is a definite YES

2. Cool Appliances

The function of your dream kitchen can be enhanced by a few key pieces. A few favorites of owners I have known have been these.

LG Fridge with Door-in-Door French Door Refrigerator with Slim Space, Plus Ice System and the freezer in the bottom. This amazing fridge offers you easy access to your milk and butter through a special front door access. It also has a full tray beneath the vegie bins for party platters and prepared foods. The LED lighting is impressive and the freezer features three separate areas for intelligent storage!

One upgrade on your kitchen faucet I would recommend would be the easy pause in water flow via just a touch! Delta makes a fabulous high-necked faucet and just a touch of your wrist can alter the water flow. This is brilliant when rinsing dishes or washing hands after working with meat.

Kohler’s wall mounted pot filler will spoil you! Consider never having to cart your large pans from the sink to your stove again. No spills, no risk. When it comes to canning, making spaghetti for the family or boiling potatoes, I love being able to fill my pans while they safely site on the stove.

3. Keep it Clean

After I saw an under counter kitchen vacuum I knew I could never go back! The “toe-kick” vacuum that can be installed with a central vac system is genius. It’s always on call for any dog hair, flour spills or crumbs left behind and one of the biggest helpers in keeping a kitchen in ship shape.

When it comes to renovating your current kitchen or buying your next one, I hope I can help you in making the choices that will improve the value of one of your largest investments.

Connect with me today, about your real estate needs for tomorrow!

Do I Have to Pay These Property Taxes?

How Do I Dispute My Property Tax Assessment?

I receive calls every spring from frustrated home owners who have opened their tax assessment and feel that their assessed value is too high. What can you do if your tax assessment is wrong?

First, let me assure you that just because your assessment comes from a government body, it does not make it official and right. However, because it does from a government body, there is a process to contest or challenge any properties that you own and want reviewed.

Next, I want to make sure that you realize how the City arrives at your assessment number. They review permits that have been pulled over the year and appraised values from the previous July using a “process which is based on mass appraisal models that are an expression of how supply and demand factors interact in the real estate market.” (The City of Calgary)

Once you receive your Tax Assessment Notice, also note that this is not your bill, the bill will be sent to you in May (if it is regarding a residential property). From the time you receive your bill you have 60 days to review for accuracy and inquire if you find an inconsistency. This year, 2017, you will have until March 6th.

If you decide that you want to challenge the assessment, then you should call the City of Calgary at 403-268-2888. If you cannot come to an understanding then you can file a formal complaint with the Assessment Review Board and have them review your assessment.

As always, if you ever need me to pull some comparable values or give advice, I am here to help!

Top 5 Things You Should Fix Before You Sell Your House

Thinking about putting your house on the market? There are some repairs and simple home renovations you could do to make your home more attractive to buyers, ensure a quicker sale and increase your property’s resale value. If you have some home maintenance and improvements on your to-do list, now is the time to finally check them off.

Here are the top 5 things you should definitely fix or improve before potential home buyers come through your door: Continue reading

What if Someone Dies in Their Home?

I recently had a client who passed away in his home from a suicide. I spoke to the surviving spouse and we discussed our options.

The real estate board does not have a rule on disclosing death whatever kind of death it may be. I had been reading around the same time a case similar to this situation and the buyers that purchased were not told there had been a death in the home. When they moved in and found out they sued the seller. They won on the basis that not disclosing this fact would have made the difference in them purchasing and therefore it truly affected the saleability of the property.

In some cultures it is a sensitive subject and for cultural and or superstitious reasons a property would not be considered if there had been a death in the home regardless of what type of death occurred. The seller and I made the decision it was absolutely best to disclose there had been a death in the home even if it affected the saleability for certain people. We sold it for market value in a reasonable period of time.

Remember, disclosure of certain aspects is an important factor when listing and buying a home.

If you have any real estate questions I am here to help!