Fredrik Eklund and me


My brother from another mother!

I was watching re-runs of the Bravo TV hit show, Million Dollar Listing New York, and reached out to see if Mr.Eklund would have a conversation with me since we obviously have the same name.

I thought that if we shared the same last name, there might be other similarities too! As I did some research I found a few points of interest:
How Fredrik Eklund and Tanya Eklund are similar:

I see that Fredrik studied at post-secondary but never graduated with his Economics degree. Isn’t that interesting? I also went to the University of Calgary and had intended to go into law, but as chance would have it, I found real estate and didn’t finish my degree either!

Fredrik has the largest real estate brokerage on the East Coast and also started the top-selling team at Elliman.

I have been fortunate to belong to the #1 Re/max office (Re/max Real Estate Central) in the whole world for the past eighteen years AND in 2016 I had the #1 Team – fingers crossed for this year as well!

The Tanya Eklund Group is the #2 Re/max team in all of Calgary and #9 in Western Canada.

In real estate, Fredrik has worked with Cameron Diaz, John Legend and Daniel Craig. He is definitely an agent to the celebrities!
Now, Calgary doesn’t come close to New York, but if you are looking for an amazing celebrity owned home, right now I can offer you golf-pro, Stephen Ames’ home – For Sale at $5,999,900.00!  Once I also showed homes to actor John Heard who played the father in Home Alone.

I noticed that Fredrik has his own song, the Single is called “It Gets Better,” which isn’t too bad!

I don’t have my own song, but an all-time favorite is Pretty Woman by Roy Orbison. If you drop in to my office you may be surprised to hear my signature orangutan impression or a short Disney rendition of the The Little Mermaid, which I love to sing to my two sweet daughters.

I am still waiting to see if Mr. Eklund will respond to my request for a phone call, if I break through I will let you know!

5 Tips for a Stylish Backyard Soirée

Create a ‘fun in the sun’ atmosphere in your own backyard with these five tips, just what you need for summer entertainment!

1 – Guest List – Don’t be afraid to shake up your usual guest list with a few new friends or clients, often the happy casual atmosphere is just the place to get to know others better. Sprinkle in a few extroverts who love to be the life of the party and make sure to set up food and beverage stations that keep the guests mingling from one end of the yard to the other. You don’t want the shy lawyer getting comfortable in one corner of the yard with no chance of bumping into the single ladies!

2- Hire Help – You don’t have to spend the evening running around like a chicken with your head cut off! Hire a couple servers (they can be nieces or nephews who would like to earn a few extra dollars) to stay on top of food trays, gathering bottles/cans and taking out garbage. This leaves you free to mingle, relax and get the most out of visiting at your event!

3- Signature Summer Cocktail – Most of my friends know that I don’t drink, so I like to provide a non-alcoholic version of a special beverage. A beautiful option that tastes delish is a punch bowl filled with ginger ale and your favorite flavour of sherbert – lime, strawberry, orange – it creates a bubbly, frothy display and tastes amazing!
For the palette that desires an adult cocktail, offer a summer Pimm’s Cup with fresh strawberries and cucumber. It is simple too, made with ginger ale, Pimm’s No.1 and fruit!

4- Use Nature to Decorate – Just the reason you needed to spoil yourself with fresh florals! I love any excuse for fresh flowers and natural accents. Last year for my birthday, my husband, Chad, bought me a subscription to a bouquet of flowers every month – now that’s true love!
If the weather is hot and sunny consider putting up a fabric gazebo to provide some shade when needed. If you expect your quests to stay into the evening put out a basket of cozy blankets to keep the chill off.

5 – Party favours – Any good party host will want their guests to take away a goody bag of memories, but what to give that won’t break the bank? Last year, after throwing a stampede event I opted for colorful potted flowers with a mini ‘For-Sale’ sign that said thank you!


BONUS TIP! Music sets the mood!
I have always been a fan of supporting local talent and for the past two years I have hired country music artist, Lindsey Ell, to perform at my backyard parties. It gives me a chance to share this Alberta born talent with my friends and clients, and it gives my guests quality entertainment and a bit of celebrity! It’s a win/win!

CTV News Interview

When our local news station wants to talk about getting your home sold, I am happy to share my thoughts on staging to get the results you want. On this day, we discussed the importance of staging and the key factor it plays in giving potential purchasers that ‘feeling’ they are looking for when deciding to make an offer.

From elementary options like cleaning, de-cluttering and artwork, to full -service staging, you will love these examples. Notice the difference in the before/after pictures!



How to Choose Your Perfect Retirement Home!

Finally, all those years of hard work have paid off and you are at the point of choosing where you want to live for your retirement! Just like making choices around work and family, now is the time for your choices around comfort and convenience.

I am not one of those who believe that being over 55 years means a sedentary existence. Some of our greatest business leaders and inventors have found their entrepreneurial riches after leaving their long-time career!

I think of Colonel Saunders whose restaurant chains took off in his later years; the famous Zagat restaurant reviews were founded by a husband and wife who had retired together and loved to go out to dine, and there are so many more examples – maybe you are one yourself!

Here are my top three questions for making your retirement choices when you are ready:

  • Could condo ownership afford you a carefree lifestyle?
  • How many family members are coming for holidays?
  • What would you like to live close to that would enhance your lifestyle?

When you are looking forward to making these lifestyle choices, reach out to me so I can search out the perfect retirement home for you!

Connect with me today, about your real estate needs for tomorrow ~

3 Ways to Boost Your Curb Appeal!

Ahhh, the breathtaking beauty of an appealing exterior, I love it! If you are unsatisfied with the way your home welcomes you, then take these suggestions to heart. They are simple, inexpensive and can be done in a short amount of time.


Every few years your home cries out for a new coat of paint – especially if the front is south exposed! If your accent colors are dark they will need paint more often. One thing I often suggest when someone lists their home, is to paint their door a beautiful complimentary color which freshens up the entry and gives great value for the dollar!


I never say no to a couple of well-placed topiaries at the front entrance. These provide a perfect frame to your home for years to come. If you have the opportunity to plant thick hedges they can be easily trimmed into a boxed fence for your yard. Ask yourself what style matches your home? Some neighborhoods demand modern, contemporary gardening while others can be delightfully wistful growing almost wild!

Stone, Wood and Natural Elements

Don’t underestimate the placement of some feature stones or wood beams to bring a ‘POP’ to your curb appeal. This beautiful home in Inglewood gets praises from all who pass by and recently sold for just over $1.8 million!

One of the homes I sold recently had such lovely landscaping and it really helped the sale of over $1 Million. This beauty was out at Heritage Pointe!

When you are preparing your home for sale, I am happy to help evaluate what could be done to enhance your curb appeal; connect with me today, about your real estate needs for tomorrow!

Coast to Coast

The Calgary real estate market is still an amazing deal with solid value in ownership!

The media has been feeding us a lot of reports on the Canadian real estate market lately, I thought it would be interesting to go on a quick tour of the average prices of homes in other major cities in our country:


Vancouver shows an average price of $1,516,000.00 in the Greater Vancouver area. With increased foreign ownership, vacant houses and property transfer tax, buying a home on the coast is proving almost impossible if you aren’t already in the market!


Toronto is showing a slight steady to the invigorating pace these last couple of years have brought. Condos are still being bought up in bidding wars and detached single family homes are showing consistent growth. Their record breaking average detached home price in the GTA currently is $916,000.00


With the recent onslaught of rains and flooding in Quebec they have been in a state of emergency, which, as a Calgarian, I can certainly sympathize with. Their average price is ranked at $295,000.00 in metropolitan Montreal.


A report by Money Sense online magazine quoted CREA in reporting that they expect to see  “Home sales rise in Alberta by 3.5% in 2017”, and with the economy of 2016, that is a welcome forecast. Our current average detached home price is hovering at  $562,000.00 and offers a nice variety below that point as well as luxury and location above.

I love Calgary real estate and am here to help if you are looking to make a move!

Socializing in the City!

These are some of my favorite restaurants and coffee houses in Calgary! Although I don’t drink, I do enjoy finely crafted food and creative dishes. I regularly invite clients, friends and business partners out to dine so I thought I would share where we usually go!

Need a quick pick me up? How about some wisdom! Have you been to Philosafy Coffee yet? This is such a cute little café right on 17 ave.  It’s the perfect place to share conversation and let relationships percolate. They always have a quote on their board outside – something to think about. I loved the last one I saw there,

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to bloom.” Anais Nin

If you want to share your lives with friends and family, consider sharing dishes of expertly crafted food from 10 Foot Henry. I nearly over-dosed on this fine cuisine when they first opened I loved it so much! A bonus is the way they serve sharing plates which makes it fun for everyone to dig in and the way they prepare vegetables made me love cauliflower again!

When we need to get down to business and strategy, we gather the team around our board-room table, and order in from Cluck n Cleaver. It’s like classy KFC! None of us girls can resist their delicious chicken and sides.

Una Pizza & Wine – when you just need some pizza and bubbly! This ultra-popular hot spot is the perfect place to catch up with good friends, enjoy the vibe of 17 Ave SW and people watch!

I hope to see you out and about this spring, and if we haven’t had time for coffee together lately, give me a ring, I would love to catch up!

How to Get Your House Sold in the Spring!

Spring has been a long time coming and now that it’s here I don’t want you to waste a minute wondering what you should do to get your home sold. Our office is hopping as we help our clients implement these top three recommendations and we are not surprised to be seeing the occasional multiple offer!

Priced to sell!
The most important aspect to attracting a good offer on your home is the wisdom to list it at the most appealing price. You may have the loveliest home on your street, the best lot in your neighborhood, but if you put a sticker on it at a high price thinking that no one will notice – think again!

Consumers today know the values when they are buying property and even if they aren’t sure, their REALTORS® will pull the most recent comparables to confirm that the offer is sensible. So, use this strategy to your benefit by pricing aggressively and possibly drawing multiple offers to your table.

If the barn needs painting, paint it!
Everything is so drab at this time of year, don’t let your house blend in with the old leaves and parched grass. Try using colorful planters at your front door. For a moderate investment, this can offer a welcome invite to potential buyers.

Another quick fix is a freshly painted door! A choice color of yellow, red, blue, even green sometimes can attract excitement and anticipation for what is to come on the inside.

It’s what’s inside that counts!
Don’t let the interior disappoint! Some strategic staging can be a great investment (you may not want to leave after getting your home staged!), especially in the main rooms. If you have the knack for decorating yourself, then consider splurging on fragrant and colorful bouquets of fresh florals to subliminally draw your prospective buyers to fall in love.

A clean, fresh and floral interior will delight your viewers.

If you have a home you want to sell this Spring I hope we can help you get the results you want, we are here to help!

Connect with me about your real estate needs for tomorrow ~

3 Hints You Have Outgrown Your Starter Home

The real estate that once served all your needs, that you loved coming home to, that hosted your birthdays and Christmas parties, can wear thin if you find space starts becoming an issue.

Your beautiful starter home can become insufficient over time, and depending on your comfort or dis-comfort level, you may be ignoring the signs that it is time to move. If you have any of these situations, you may want to consider having a conversation around whether it is time for you and your family to buy your next home!

Hint #1

You have no room for anything even after you have purged each season. 

It’s time for spring cleaning and that means getting rid of the old storage that is no longer needed. Of course, we all need a certain amount of storage space, so if you find that after bicycles, holiday decorations, old school memory boxes and winter clothes that you are still running out of space it may be time to face the facts. The kid’s bedroom closets can only hold so much of mom and dad’s extra stuff!

Hint #2

Your family is growing and you are out of bedrooms.

I use to have a home office – now it is a nursery. When family comes to visit in the summer we will have nowhere to put them! If you have experienced a growth in your family whether it be the welcome addition of new baby, or the trending increase of “Boomerang kids”, (when your 20-29 yr old returns home unable to fly on their own due to schooling or job loss etc)  you may feel your home is busting at the seams. Maybe you feel you are going to need a mother-in-law suite, or extra recreation room for entertaining. It may be time to assess if you have run out of extra rooms!

Hint #3

You have no garage or single garage and need at least a double. 

Sure, one can get used to not having a garage, but after a few of years of plugging in your car, brushing off the snow and storing your skis under the stairs you might be at the end of your rope. The extra space and convenience a garage can offer might be just what the doctor ordered! There are pros and cons to whether the garage is attached (it will be warmer and keep your vehicle warm in the winter) or detached (you won’t have to give up any home square footage) so perhaps it is time you got out a pen and put on paper your options for more space.

If I or my team can help you sell your starter home and search for your next residence, we are here to help!

Keeping My Team Motivated and On-Track for A Record Year

A recent blog posted about our team, by a business coach, says:

You Start With Goals and End With Habits

That is the core of our business and knowing our numbers and goals keeps us motivated to do the work! At the Tanya Eklund Group, we start each year with a business planning meeting. We go over what has been working well, and ask if there are any things we could be doing better or doing differently to help grow our business.

With the explosion of social media platforms, our online presence is a big focus for this year and we hope our clients, friends and network will find our posts informative, relevant and sometimes entertaining! I know we have been having fun taking more photos and announcing our listings more often.

With our team of six women (four agents, two office managers) there is never a shortage of reasons to celebrate and we take opportunities for team lunches, birthday celebrations and recently, one of our own got engaged, so we are thrilled for her and full of congratulations!

I feel lucky to have a group of women who build each other up and fill in for shortfalls. In our office we have our mission statement on our wall and part of that reads:

“We are wonder women, no task is too big or too small, we handle it all…”

I think that I have become a better leader over the last few years and I always do my best to create and maintain a respectful and fun environment. I have mentors myself, hire experts to educate when needed and I belong to other organizations outside of the real estate industry which give me different perspectives.

I expect that 2017 could be our best year ever!

If you are thinking about real estate connect with me today~