When Divorce is the Reason for Selling Your Family Home.

What happens when divorce is the reason for the sale?

I understand that when a family comes to the decision to part ways, they certainly do not feel like announcing their break-up to the world. Celebrities like Brad and Angelina may have to endure the tabloids – but you do not.

One of the most important qualities of carefully navigating the sale of a home because of divorce is discretion. There is no benefit to you if potential buyers know that your family is separating and may be under terrible stress.

Here are three ways we help during divorce

  1. One thing we take very seriously at the Tanya Eklund Group, is our fiduciary duty to our clients for being discreet in personal situations. We will not disclose the reason for the sale and we will always have our client’s backs – even if those backs don’t sleep side by side any more.
  2. Our cutting-edge technology allows partners to execute documents while apart by signing electronically; this means they don’t have to meet in person to come to agreements or sign contracts. Once contracts are fully signed we will be responsible for submitting to your lawyer.
  3. In cases where the conditions are highly charged, we make sure to help keep every step of the process under control. Equal representation for each spouse and equal communication to each party is of utmost importance to us. Regardless of which person was the reason we were hired, it’s important to us that we remain fair between both spouses when assisting with a home sale. We are on your side and are here to help in the tough times!
    When divorce dictates the necessary sale of your home, know that the process is the same, but our customer service is personal. We have resources available to help with any aspect from staging your house to look it’s best, to dower rights and legalities.

If you ever need to talk over the options in the sale of your family home, we are here to help~