6 Tips to Help You Prepare for Moving Day!

Yes, it’s so much fun moving in to your dream home – but it’s also so much work! I share these tips with my clients all the time and thought you might like to get the inside scoop for your next move.

  1. Call Utilities Ahead of Time – confirm and re-confirm so that everything is ready for the transfer of accounts on your big day. In fact, consider any subscriptions you have as well such as lawn care or snow removal.
  2. Packing – Label all boxes with the ROOM they go in to. This way it won’t matter who is helping you move, all the items will be in the right place. Also, pack a big cooler with bottles of water and snacks for moving day, that way they are all in one obvious place.
  3. Don’t Put the Cart Before the Horse – I know you are anxious to get in to your new property and make it your home. However, unforeseen challenges can hinder your best laid plans and possession time – so, as a rule, I always caution my Buyers about trying to move in too fast. If you have your home contents in a moving van, do not schedule it to meet you at your new home at noon on possession day! I advise to wait until you have confirmed that possession is verified, the cash for closing has arrived at the lawyers and keys have been released to you.
  4. Organize Help! If you do not hire a moving company to do the heavy listing, organize moving day help well in advance. Make sure you have a dolly, lay down cardboard over your flooring to avoid dirt and stains and definitely order in dinner!
  5. First Things First – After the house contents are all unloaded into your home, the best thing to set up first is your master bedroom bed! I highly encourage you to get your bed set up and made as soon as possible (while you have the energy) and if there are children’s beds then do those too. Believe me, you will thank me for it as you lay your head on your own pillow, tucked in to your soft cozy bed to get re-energized for the work that lies ahead tomorrow!
  6. Bonus! Who can survive a day without WIFI? Lol, DO go ahead and schedule your internet provider as soon as possible, Lord knows we can’t survive without being connected!