What if Someone Dies in Their Home?

I recently had a client who passed away in his home from a suicide. I spoke to the surviving spouse and we discussed our options.

The real estate board does not have a rule on disclosing death whatever kind of death it may be. I had been reading around the same time a case similar to this situation and the buyers that purchased were not told there had been a death in the home. When they moved in and found out they sued the seller. They won on the basis that not disclosing this fact would have made the difference in them purchasing and therefore it truly affected the saleability of the property.

In some cultures it is a sensitive subject and for cultural and or superstitious reasons a property would not be considered if there had been a death in the home regardless of what type of death occurred. The seller and I made the decision it was absolutely best to disclose there had been a death in the home even if it affected the saleability for certain people. We sold it for market value in a reasonable period of time.

Remember, disclosure of certain aspects is an important factor when listing and buying a home.

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