Kitchen Upgrades that Will Take Your Breath Away!

Would it surprise you to know that approximately 87% of my Buyers are influenced on the purchase of their home by the kitchen? The ‘heart of the home’ can make or break a sale, so here are some of the best features I have seen that have helped a buyer fall in love and make the decision to buy a particular home.

1. Rock Counters / Island

No one can deny the elegance and esteem that comes from an exquisite granite, quartz or raw edge countertop! Endless options are available to impress your friends and family from unique colors, textures and finishes. Using stone in your kitchen is a definite YES

2. Cool Appliances

The function of your dream kitchen can be enhanced by a few key pieces. A few favorites of owners I have known have been these.

LG Fridge with Door-in-Door French Door Refrigerator with Slim Space, Plus Ice System and the freezer in the bottom. This amazing fridge offers you easy access to your milk and butter through a special front door access. It also has a full tray beneath the vegie bins for party platters and prepared foods. The LED lighting is impressive and the freezer features three separate areas for intelligent storage!

One upgrade on your kitchen faucet I would recommend would be the easy pause in water flow via just a touch! Delta makes a fabulous high-necked faucet and just a touch of your wrist can alter the water flow. This is brilliant when rinsing dishes or washing hands after working with meat.

Kohler’s wall mounted pot filler will spoil you! Consider never having to cart your large pans from the sink to your stove again. No spills, no risk. When it comes to canning, making spaghetti for the family or boiling potatoes, I love being able to fill my pans while they safely site on the stove.

3. Keep it Clean

After I saw an under counter kitchen vacuum I knew I could never go back! The “toe-kick” vacuum that can be installed with a central vac system is genius. It’s always on call for any dog hair, flour spills or crumbs left behind and one of the biggest helpers in keeping a kitchen in ship shape.

When it comes to renovating your current kitchen or buying your next one, I hope I can help you in making the choices that will improve the value of one of your largest investments.

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