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Buyers Agent

Buyers Agent

Buying a home is exciting… and complicated. The Tanya Eklund Group brings years of experience helping buyers find the perfect home in the Calgary market. Our buyers’ agents are dedicated to ensuring each client has the information, access to suitable listings, and honest assessment of each property to make the informed decision to place an offer.

We are diligent in our communication, available to search when the time is right for you, and fully confident in negotiating to close a sale. Finding the perfect home is much easier with our team of REALTORS ® and support specialists guiding you through the process.

Leading Buyers Home

Are you considering buying a home? 

Whether you are looking to purchase your first home, buy the home of your dreams, or find a suitable retirement home, navigating the process with a team of real estate professionals is much more likely to yield the results you seek. Partner with The Tanya Eklund Group in your home search and you access our expertise matching buyers with homes, our tools to streamline online searching, our network of professionals when needed, and the full support of the team as you house hunt, make an offer, negotiate conditions, and finalize a sale.

Sometimes the journey to purchasing a home begins with just the notion of checking out what is available, scrolling the online listings, maybe visiting an open house or two. Sometimes there is an urgency to home-buying; you have a baby on the way, your landlord is selling your rental unit, or you have sold your home and need to find something fast. Wherever you are in your home search, reach out to us. We have the tools to make your first steps in exploring the possibilities more effective. And we also have our team at the ready if you want to speed up the process and have us guide you to find the perfect home quickly and efficiently.

Home is where the heart is

We Know Real Estate

Our homes are not just buildings to us. Our homes are markers of our successes, the places we raise children and create memories, our shelters, our safe places, our comforts. Whether you are buying or selling your first home, your dream home, or your last home, partner with The Tanya Eklund Group for your best buying or selling experience. Our team is dedicated to educating you, assisting you, and guiding you through a process that can be complicated, emotional. We know the business of homes and we know the true meaning of “home”.

Inner City Specialists

We have made the inner-city the place where we live, work, and play. Our city-centre neighbourhoods boast diversity, excellent dining, amazing recreation, entertainment, and more. An inner-city lifestyle offers amenities you won’t find in suburban living. But there are also unique challenges and considerations in the real estate market here. 

Are you looking to buy or sell in Calgary’s dynamic inner-city? Our team can guide you with our knowledge of the communities, demographics, and distinctive features of our city’s core.

The Tanya Eklund Group

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What You Need To Know

There is much to consider and manage when undertaking a house search; determining your needs, choosing a neighbourhood, getting your finances in order, navigating thousands of listings. Use an agent to coach you through and we can make sure you are aware of all of the considerations. Here are just a few:

  • How Much Can I Afford? - You want your home to be a source of pride and a safe haven. Ensure you don’t create a burden by overspending. Take into consideration property taxes, insurance, utilities, other debt, lifestyle costs, and make sure you understand what a comfortable mortgage payment looks like for you. And if you need information, we can match you with an advisor from our network to assist you.
  • How Should I Finance? - There are lots of options when selecting a mortgage. It pays to consult with two or more lenders to compare rates, terms, requirements, and fees. It can also provide further clarity on your budget.
  • How Soon Do I Need to Move In? - Your timeline for possession will determine which types of properties you should consider. Have you sold your current home and need to move right away? Are you able to purchase an inner-city home under construction with possession months out? Knowing your ideal move-in date means you won’t waste time looking at homes that just won't accommodate that goal.
  • How Long Do I Plan to Stay? - If you are looking for a home you plan to live in for many years to come, your search will be different than if you are purchasing a starter home with a plan to upsize in a few years.
  • Is This Home Priced Right? - Our insight into the Calgary market, experience buying and selling homes, and commitment to our buyers allow us to objectively assess a home’s value and advise you if it is priced unfairly. That doesn’t mean you can’t make an offer, we can coach you and provide concrete data to justify a fair and reasonable offer to a seller.
  • How Do I Protect Myself When Making an Offer? - A licensed REALTOR ® will advise you on what conditions to include in an offer to ensure that you have measures of protection throughout the negotiation. These might include inspections, financing, and sale of your current home.
  • How Much Are Closing Costs? - Don't be left with empty pockets when it comes time to close your sale. You could need to pay for inspections, lawyer fees, mortgage transfer fees, or more. The Tanya Eklund Group will ensure you are prepared and informed throughout your journey to owning a new home.


Creating Clients For Life

We strive to make each client a customer for life. The Tanya Eklund Group is committed to providing an exceptional level of service with each connection regardless of the dollar value of the transaction. Through hard work, transparency, and commitment, we guarantee an experience that inspires loyalty in our buyers and sellers. We are proud of what our past clients have to say about working with us.

Real Market Insight

Are you unsure how current market conditions including the economic downturn and the COVID-19 pandemic are affecting real estate prices in Calgary? Do you need insight to decide if it is the right time for you to buy or sell? The Tanya Eklund Group is committed to understanding all aspects of the dynamic Calgary real estate market and sharing that knowledge with our clients.

Connect with us and we can help determine whether buying or selling is right for you, right now.

We Work For You

Using a REALTOR ® in your home search is just like having a personal assistant in your corner. With The Tanya Eklund Group, you have the benefit of an entire team dedicated to helping you find a home. Searching for your first, next, or last home is exciting... and important. We understand the technical process of an effective property search, but we also understand all the little bits of humanity that differentiate buying a house and finding a home. We celebrate with each of our clients as they move into the home that will become the backdrop for all the moments of life ahead.

Let us create a customized search strategy designed with all your goals in mind, support you through the process, and get you in your new home soon!

Our Process

What To Expect

Once you have made the decision to buy or sell, knowing what to do next can be confusing. There are lots of decisions to consider, lots of information to wade through, lots of tasks to figure out. Let us take you through the process.

Let’s Talk
1. Let’s Talk

Are you purchasing your first home or your dream home? Ready to sell and move on to your next adventure? Let’s talk about your goals.

We Know

We know what you need to know and can help you achieve your goals when buying or selling your home.

Let's Talk!
Let’s Make A Plan
2. Let’s Make A Plan

Our team will work together to design your customized buying or selling strategy. You will be partnered with the best associate to help you achieve your goal.

We’re Here For You

You will have the support of the entire Eklund Team as we guide you through the process with a level of service that is unrivaled.

Get In Touch
Let’s Do This!
3. Let’s Do This!

Buying? We’ll guide you with honest feedback and lead you to the perfect home. Selling? We’ll price your home competitively, implement your marketing plan, and bring buyers in.

We Have The Tools

Now we get down to business! Our team will provide all the tools, advice, and guidance you need to buy or sell your property.

Send a Message
Let’s Make A Deal
4. Let’s Make A Deal

Our commitment to you, and our extensive understanding of current market conditions, competitive inventory, and real estate values will position you for a successful negotiation.  

We’ve Got This

With the strong negotiating power of The Tanya Eklund Group behind you, you can feel secure that we will protect your investment and your equity.

Let's Connect

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is It The Right Time To Buy?

Our team works together to provide our clients with a customized approach to buying. Let us know which communities you are considering, what type of property you are seeking, and how quickly you need to act and we will match you with our team member who can best meet your needs. But rest assured, when you work with The Tanya Eklund Group, you benefit from our shared skill, expertise, and the full team’s support throughout your buying experience.

Our team knows Calgary, we specialize in the inner-city, but we have purchased and sold homes throughout the city. Whether you know which community you want to live in or need guidance as to which community will meet your lifestyle needs, we have the experience to help you find the right home for you.

Many factors determine whether conditions dictate a seller’s market or a buyer’s market. Mortgage rates, lending requirements, and inventory will all dictate pricing. But the real question to ask is “why do you need or want to buy right now?”. If you are ready to purchase your first home, move-up, or downsize, The Tanya Eklund Group can help you find the home you need and negotiate a great price so that purchasing now is the right move for you.

The Tanya Eklund Group

Partner With Calgary’s Best

Partner With Calgary’s Best

Working with The Tanya Eklund Group puts every resource for buying and selling at your fingertips. Our team of real estate experts is committed to an exceptional outcome for your buy or sell transaction. Connect with us, share your objective, and we will provide a strategy that is intentionally designed to help you achieve your real estate goal. You don’t have to navigate this complicated journey alone. The Tanya Eklund Group is the best choice of partner on your real estate adventure.

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The Best Choice in Real Estate

The Tanya Eklund Group is a team of highly knowledgeable, skilled, real estate professionals. Our team concept allows us to offer a full-service, elevated buying or selling experience to our clients. But most importantly, we are dedicated to building trusted and loyal relationships with our clients. Connect with us to share your real estate goals, and we will share with you why we are the perfect team to make them happen. 

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