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The VOW: Rev. Dr. Danielle Ayana James

A Certified Professional Development & Leadership Coach and Organizational Development (OD) Specialist, Rev. Dr. Danielle Ayana James has worked with a diversity of high-potential leaders across Canada and the USA.  A self declared ‘yes to life’ fanatic, Ayana is also an Ordained Minister and entrepreneur who uniquely bridges worlds of business, leadership and spirituality. ⁣

The VOW: A Message From Me

The new normal arrived real quick.. and we're searching for answers in the midst of global adversity, so where do we go from here? Tune into my solo episode where I shed some thought on real life, real estate, and how to position yourself in the next months to come.

The VOW: Andrea Deydey

For the last three years, Lighthouse’s co-founder Andrea Deydey has been breaking the rules in the construction industry in Calgary.  Through her experience in the boutique world of custom home building, she’s put her stamp on the personal side of building luxury real estate.  Her goal is to make her clients feel like they have a trusted guide and advocate the entire way through what can be a confusing process.

The VOW: Jody Stoski

Jody Stoski is the owner of Cinnamon Girl Clinic and the Jody Stoski Paramedical Tattoo Academy. With over 13 years of experience, she is one of the founders in the cosmetic and paramedical tattoo industry.

She helps people feel more confident in their own skin and often creates 3D healing tattoos after injury or illness. You can find her working at her clinic in Calgary and also many of the plastic surgeon's offices in the city. If you are interested in a tattoo or training with her check out:

The VOW: Tish Duffy

Tish Duffy has a kinesiology degree from the University of Calgary and 25 years of personal training experience⁣. Born and raised Calgarian, Tish has trained professional hockey players, race car drivers, and motocross athletes, but also loves training the general population looking to breakthrough new fitness plateaus.⁣

Currently running an Online Personal Training Business call Strong Bodies by Tish - main focus - to help women get stronger through structured well planned out progressive programming efficiently!  Quick 30-45 minute strength training sessions 3 x's a week!  A strong body gives women a strong mind and LIFE.

The VOW: Jessica Janzen

Jessica Janzen is a motivational speaker, published author (her newest book comes out May 2020), and a ‘serial-perneur’. Her husband Hot Ronnie is the founder of the Love for Lewiston Foundation. After losing their son Lewiston almost 3 years ago she decided that she would stop wasting time and get moving on her big dreams - speaking, writing, and inspiring others to do the same.   Her clothing line - The Lewiston Label highlights the life lessons Lewiston taught her. The foundation is impacting lives across Canada and supporting critical research and medical needs for families fighting Spinal Muscular Atrophy. To date in just 2.5 years they have raised over $685,000 - this year they will hit the $1 Million mark. She loves spending time with family, soaking up the sunshine, being by water -  and dreaming really big always with the daily focus to "run towards the roar”!

The VOW: Ryan Kennedy

Ryan Kennedy is a full time student at Olds College, studying Agriculture. She enjoys horseback riding and spreading the message about addiction in youth and women. Her passion for helping others is what drives her to continue on a path that is an example for others who struggle with addiction.

The VOW: Dr. Laura Hambley-Lovett

Dr. Laura Hambley Lovett is a Workplace Psychologist, Entrepreneur, Speaker, and Author who is passionate about making workplaces better and increasing peoples' career fulfillment. She runs Calgary Career Counselling, Work EvOHlution, and Synthesis Psychology, and specializes in leadership, team, and culture development, career planning, and creating high-performing mobile workplaces.  Laura believes people should follow their passions and has done so through publishing psychological thrillers, Losing Cadence and Finding Sophie.

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