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The VOW: Mara Grunau

Mara Grunau is the Executive Director of the Centre for Suicide Prevention, a branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association in Alberta. Established in 1981, the Centre for Suicide Prevention equips Canadians to respond to people at risk of suicide. She holds a Bachelor of Education and a Master’s of Public Administration. 

Upwards of 4000 Canadians die by suicide annually. Each year around the world, more people die by suicide than by homicide and war combined. Yet there are few best practices. People are complex, therefore suicide is complex. No two people’s journeys to suicide crisis are the same; each person needs to be considered as the individual s/he is. Because of this complexity, there are few best practices that exist that can be grouped into 4 broad categories: easy, open access to mental health care, responsible media reporting, restriction of lethal means, and education (including surveillance and further research). Centre for Suicide Prevention provides education through secondary research. By collecting all available literature on suicide prevention, CSP boasts the largest English-language library on suicide in the world. We work to continually translate this research into a variety of usable, readily accessible media including webinars, workshops, articles, toolkits, and Twitter. Suicide prevention is everyone’s responsibility and once we are equipped with knowledge and skills, we are better prepared to support someone in crisis.

The VOW: Siobhan Chinnery

An experienced executive with an extensive background in successfully leading change and transformation in small and large organizations. With over 25 years of supply chain management roles based in global resource sectors, Siobhan has a strong understanding of leading change.  Having risen through the ranks leading teams and executing change, she has also been an active coach and mentor for much of her career.  Siobhan has combined her career as a successful change agent and leader with her passion to empower women to create Purpose with Ease.   She is unique in her spirit, determination, experience, and relationship skills.

Siobhan writes a blog on Grief & Gratitude called Bee Happy.  In 2019, her husband Scott passed away after a brief but brutal illness which ended when he chose to access medical assistance in dying.  She is grateful that Scott was with her to celebrate accomplishments in 2019 which his support played a large role in their achievement.  She was named one of 100 Most Influential Women in Canadian Supply Chain in 2019 and she was a keynote speaker at the Famous 5 luncheon on May 8, 2019.   Siobhan is so grateful that he was well enough to share those moments with her.  Gratitude gives Siobhan the strength to get through the darkest moments and the grace to truly enjoy the highlights.  It is these lessons that she humbly shares with others in the pursuit of inspiring change.

Siobhan is the mother of two amazing young women and is a professionally trained leader of change and experienced mentor and coach who is passionate about unleashing the feminine and empowering women to also live a life of purpose.

The VOW: Lisa McCallum

Lisa McCallum is a Divorce Specialist who shows people how to let go of relationships that are holding them back from achieving their dreams, especially the relationship within themselves. She is the author of the book Your Dreams First... the Divorce Within Yourself. She is the Authority on helping people move forward after divorce. 

Through her courses, coaching, and speaking she will show you how to put yourself first so that you can have the freedom to live your life the way you want after divorce. 

Her courses 5 Lessons on Divorce, 6 Lessons on how to be Exceptional after Divorce, Your Dreams First, and two 30 Day Challenges provide the tools for you to know how to make yourself a priority, let go of relationships that aren’t serving you, create the best relationship with your kids, yourself and future partners.

If you are having serious doubts about your relationship her latest and most powerful course can be found at 

Lisa has interviewed Dr. Phil at the Mega Success Event hosted by JTFoxx in LA where Dr. Phil said, “ people not only need Lisa’s help but DESERVE her help.” 

Lisa lives in Calgary with her three children and has recently been nominated as a Woman of Inspiration with the Universal Women’s Network.

The VOW: Kaeyae Alo

Kaeyae Alo is a woman on a mission to let her light shine for the world. She is an artist on a journey of authenticity and love, creating R&B soundscapes with her culminated perspective grounded in resilience, innovation, rawness and black beauty. Born in the UK, raised in Zimbabwe, Kaeyae Alo now resides in Canada. Striving to continually best herself and develop her unique sound, she is ready to share more of her warmth, more of her spirit, more from her lens with her upcoming release, 17 Times.

You can find all things Kaeyae Alo here:

The VOW: Gloria Jones

Gloria’s extensive education and many years of experience in the financial industry have equipped her with an innovative, practical approach to designing custom solutions for her clients. Her aim is to listen well to each of her clients so she may assist them with their unique situations in a conscious and effective manner.

Through the operation of her own business, Gloria has acquired an unparalleled understanding of how to remain competitive and persistently aware of the rapid changes in our world today. Gloria values an open and personable approach to financial planning that fosters learning and security.

The VOW: Mary Moran

Mary became President and CEO of Calgary Economic Development in 2015. Under her leadership there has been greater focus on Calgary’s competitiveness in the new economy; including the areas of talent development, innovation, placemaking, and the business environment.⁣

⁣Mary initially joined Calgary Economic Development as Vice President of Marketing, Communications and Research in 2010. She brought extensive leadership experience in the development of strategy, marketing, stakeholder relations and fund development with leading companies, including TELUS Delta Hotels, Canadian Airlines and Wardair. ⁣

⁣At Calgary Economic Development, Mary led teams that created the Calgary Be Part of the Energy promotional brand adopted by all civic agencies, the award-winning 2013 flood recovery campaign YYC is OPEN, and oversaw the development of two iterations of the city’s economic strategy, Calgary Building on our Energy and Calgary in the New Economy. Mary is the CEO of the Opportunity Calgary Investment Fund, a board director of the Calgary Film Centre, and was CEO of Calgary 2026 Bid corporation developing and promoting a bid to host the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games.⁣

⁣Mary earned an MBA from Royal Roads University. She is active in the Calgary community and serves as a director for the Calgary Petroleum Club, O’Brien Institute for Public Health and is the Chair of Sport Calgary. She is a past Chair of Ronald McDonald House Southern Alberta.

The VOW: Stephanie Nychka

Stephanie Nychka is a multi-disciplinary professional athlete, a Doctor of Chiropractic, and a mother of three. Although currently not practicing so she can be at home with her children, she started a Calgary-based luxury concierge service dedicated to assisting other busy households. Raised with 3 brothers in Beaverlodge AB, Stephanie became comfortable in pushing her limits to demonstrate that girls can do everything boys can do (and more). This mantra carried her through a lifetime dedicated to the sport, including garnering her a spot in the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame as part of the U of A Championship Panda's volleyball team.

After concluding her professional volleyball career in Denmark, Stephanie returned to the U.S. to complete her education and began pouring herself into Downhill and Slopestyle mountain biking - earning accolades and quickly making a name for herself by competing against male riders in Crankworx and Redbull events. Over a decade later, she continues to challenge herself and in 2019 became the first Canadian Women's freestyle BMX Champion. Sidelined by a knee injury and unable to train for the Olympics, she poured her energies into developing a competitive jump series to support female riders (Women's Slopestyle Tour).

Stephanie still competes but has found a second passion in coaching, volunteering for not-for-profits, and mentoring riders of all ages to help them fall in love, with life on two wheels.

The VOW: Helen Youn

Helen Youn is a professional organizer specializing in the KonMari Method™. Helen found this method as an overwhelmed new mom after reading “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo and decided to make a change. After experiencing life-changing results firsthand, Helen felt compelled to pursue extensive training with Marie Kondo and became one of the first Certified KonMari Consultants in the world. Helen is currently a Master-level KonMari Consultant, as well as the only Canadian KonMari Consultant Speaker for KonMari Media Inc. Using the principles of the KonMari Method™, Helen guides and supports people through this life-changing journey to live more joyfully and mindfully while transforming their homes into a clutter-free and easy to maintain space.

The VOW: Diana Thomas

Diana‘s journey into surrogacy started about eight years ago when a friend of hers approached her about being an egg donor. It was an experience that completely opened her eyes. A few years later she had the opportunity to donate her eggs again to another friend and business partner.

After helping these two couples build their family, she was inspired to try surrogacy. She had a friend introduce her to a couple who had been searching for a surrogate for 7 years. This couple has now become family and she is currently carrying their second child for them.

Diana is a wife and a busy mother of 3. She is from eastern Canada but has been in Calgary for 15 years. She is a singer with the Dino Martini’s band, a dental hygienist, and loves to live an active life. In the last 4 years, she has built a successful, full-time Network Marketing business allowing her the flexibility to help families.

The VOW: Kerri Cust

Kerri Cust is a Self Love & Intimacy coach offering workshops and individual coaching in the areas of Belonging, Intimacy, and Pleasure. She helps her students and clients discover and live a life that is truly theirs, not one where they are simply 'checking the boxes'; she works with people to heal, open their hearts and get their “mojo” back.

Kerri has studied and trained under gurus, and master teachers in the areas of intimacy, tantra, sacred sexuality, yoga, spirituality, emotional intelligence, and deep emotional release.

Kerri guides her clients towards knowing themselves, embodying and experiencing true fulfillment and pleasure - physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  Only by knowing and becoming intimate with yourself will you have the intimacy, connection, and belonging you are so deeply seeking.

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