20 Things I Cannot Go (Most) Days Without

1. My London Fog in the AM

2. My Vega pre workout drink

3. My backyard

4. My daily planner (yes, even in this digital world I still have one)

5. My watch (even though I forget to wind it half the time)

6. A pair of flip flops in my car

7. My personal trainer and dear friend Philip (I get to see him 3 days a week!)

8. Godiva Nut Clusters

9. My ride

10.Trips to the lake

11.My workout gear in my car (for spur of the moment workouts)

12.Hair ties

13.My Tom Ford Pink Tease Lipstick

14.My real estate team

15.My children and my husband

16.Mucho Burrito

17.Our Phoenix home

18.Church with my family on Sundays

19.My hair brush

20.My water bottle