Simple Organizing Tips

By now I’m sure you’ve heard of Marie Kondo and if you’re looking for an extensive cleaning and organizing guide, this isn’t the article for you. BUT, if you’re so busy that sometimes you can’t see straight, look no further, I have curated a list of 7 simple solutions to live life with a little less mess.

#1. This is so simple and has saved me countless times – Get a bowl or hooks and place them by your front door. There is nothing that will frustrate you more than storming through your home looking for your keys. Save yourself from transforming into a human tornado and fix this quick!

#2. Throw things away! Movie tickets, bus passes, or useless receipts. Get rid of them. UNLESS they’re sentimental, like you took a trip to Italy and your SO proposed on the train, keep that ticket, definitely keep that ticket! It leads to my next point…

#3. If you have physical sentiments, have a place for them. A junk drawer will not do, and the bottom of your purse doesn’t count either. In fact, if you keep something and it stays tucked away for years, it’s just collecting space and perhaps isn’t as important as you once thought. For those things with significance, buy a scrapbook, or a photo album and document them. Display them and let them have purpose and everything else, BYE!

#4. Breakfast is finished and you’re about to head out the door, oh but wait… now your kitchen sink is full of dishes. Seriously, save yourself from feeling overwhelmed 9 hours from now and either, make time to clear those out, or prep a breakfast before you go to bed.

#5. “Please, please, please,”… as your mother would say “before you leave this house, make your bed.” And according to an NBC article your mom may have been onto something. By making your bed every morning you’re paying attention to small details, and “if you want to make a difference in the world,” it starts here.

#6. Once the dryer beeps, or the clothes on your rack are dry, fold and put them away. Do your best at making this a routine. If you’re someone whose clothes pile up throughout the week and then end up spending an entire Sunday afternoon putting them away, you’re doing it wrong and then you’re living in chaos all week long. And that kind of anxiety can be ignored but will always return.

#7. Last and certainly not least, write yourself a to do list and get yourself a journal, or put things in your phone, with reminders! Life is hectic and the days get away on us quicker than we’d like to admit. And the last thing you want is to miss an important meeting or skip a scheduled appointment and have fork out a few dollars due to your own negligence.

By having just a few things in your life sorted out, I guaranteed it’ll make your work week easier to handle. Organizing doesn’t always have to be extensive, you certainly do not need to pile everything you own into the middle of your home and then cry while you decide if you love it or not. You may just need to adopt some in-the-moment helpful organizing habits.