An Unconventional New Addition To Our Team

Yes, we have been an all-ladies team for many years. Then one day I met Sam.

His work ethic seemed spot on, his mind seemed sharp. I was looking to hire someone to keep my personal life together. To assist me with some of the things in my life that get left behind because having a career, raising daughters and being a wife takes centre stage. I realize he could not go to my doctor’s appointment or run hills for me, but I could use some help with all the other smaller yet important tasks that life brings you.

I have to admit, I thought to myself: we have a good thing going here. Am I going to disrupt our team juju? Will it make us less willing to share?

I think it came down to hiring the right person. I think sometimes we have a vision or an idea of how things look in life. Whether it’s who our ideal partner is, the perfect work scenario. Life puts people in your path and situations that you didn’t dream for yourself. Then, you adjust your expectations to create a new path.

Sam said we have 1.5 years with him and then he is off to engineering school. I think we like him as much as he likes all of us, so we’ll just enjoy having some male company on the team until then. It works and we like Sam. 🙂

Have you made some unconventional decisions in how you hire or grow your team? Or, how you incorporate work-life balance when running your own business? Connect with me and let me know on social.

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