The Best Smell to Sell!

First thing in the morning, when I park my vehicle and walk across the parking lot to my office I often catch a hint of the smell of baking coming from the local ‘Rustic Sourdough Bakery’ at the end of the block. As soon as the warm smell hits my senses I am almost compelled to go buy a cinnamon bun or fresh loaf of bread!

There is something irresistible about smelling delicious baking.

It makes us happy, nostalgic and in some cases, it can create a desire to buy your home!

Now, there are lots of foods we love, and for the most part love to smell, like coffee, bacon, garlic, sautéed onions, turkey….. but just because we love to eat them doesn’t mean smelling them in your home will help.

Our noses are highly judgemental! An article on tells us that “the sense of smell is the oldest, most ancient sense, and also, women have a better sense of smell than men.”

Keeping that in mind, try these smells to encourage a faster sale!

The top three smells to sell your house, in my opinion are these:

3. Apple Pie

Starting at number three, the smell of apples in pastry symbolize everything good! An apple a day, Johnny Appleseed, an apple for a school teacher, a homemade treat for a happy home; it’s just perfect!

2. Cinnamon Buns

A luscious reward for when we need a treat. A pat on the back, a shout out, a quiet nod of a job well-done, yes! Who can resist the smell of cinnamon, brown sugar and warm dough, lol!

1. Fresh Bread

Winner by a nose, and I am sure you can imagine why! The feel-good memories that come from the scent of bread in a hot oven! We imagine our grandparents kneading the dough, the apron tied just right, happy conversation and a world where everything is just right. Yes, fresh bread smells like it can make our dreams come true – and “maybe this house is just right to make our dreams come true”…. You can’t deny the connotations of fresh bread.

Excuse me now, I can’t resist running over to the bakery and satisfying a craving