How to Choose Your Perfect Retirement Home!

Finally, all those years of hard work have paid off and you are at the point of choosing where you want to live for your retirement! Just like making choices around work and family, now is the time for your choices around comfort and convenience.

I am not one of those who believe that being over 55 years means a sedentary existence. Some of our greatest business leaders and inventors have found their entrepreneurial riches after leaving their long-time career!

I think of Colonel Saunders whose restaurant chains took off in his later years; the famous Zagat restaurant reviews were founded by a husband and wife who had retired together and loved to go out to dine, and there are so many more examples – maybe you are one yourself!

Here are my top three questions for making your retirement choices when you are ready:

  • Could condo ownership afford you a carefree lifestyle?
  • How many family members are coming for holidays?
  • What would you like to live close to that would enhance your lifestyle?

When you are looking forward to making these lifestyle choices, reach out to me so I can search out the perfect retirement home for you!

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