How to Get Your House Sold in the Spring!

Spring has been a long time coming and now that it’s here I don’t want you to waste a minute wondering what you should do to get your home sold. Our office is hopping as we help our clients implement these top three recommendations and we are not surprised to be seeing the occasional multiple offer!

Priced to sell!
The most important aspect to attracting a good offer on your home is the wisdom to list it at the most appealing price. You may have the loveliest home on your street, the best lot in your neighborhood, but if you put a sticker on it at a high price thinking that no one will notice – think again!

Consumers today know the values when they are buying property and even if they aren’t sure, their REALTORS® will pull the most recent comparables to confirm that the offer is sensible. So, use this strategy to your benefit by pricing aggressively and possibly drawing multiple offers to your table.

If the barn needs painting, paint it!
Everything is so drab at this time of year, don’t let your house blend in with the old leaves and parched grass. Try using colorful planters at your front door. For a moderate investment, this can offer a welcome invite to potential buyers.

Another quick fix is a freshly painted door! A choice color of yellow, red, blue, even green sometimes can attract excitement and anticipation for what is to come on the inside.

It’s what’s inside that counts!
Don’t let the interior disappoint! Some strategic staging can be a great investment (you may not want to leave after getting your home staged!), especially in the main rooms. If you have the knack for decorating yourself, then consider splurging on fragrant and colorful bouquets of fresh florals to subliminally draw your prospective buyers to fall in love.

A clean, fresh and floral interior will delight your viewers.

If you have a home you want to sell this Spring I hope we can help you get the results you want, we are here to help!

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