Keeping My Team Motivated and On-Track for A Record Year

A recent blog posted about our team, by a business coach, says:

You Start With Goals and End With Habits

That is the core of our business and knowing our numbers and goals keeps us motivated to do the work! At the Tanya Eklund Group, we start each year with a business planning meeting. We go over what has been working well, and ask if there are any things we could be doing better or doing differently to help grow our business.

With the explosion of social media platforms, our online presence is a big focus for this year and we hope our clients, friends and network will find our posts informative, relevant and sometimes entertaining! I know we have been having fun taking more photos and announcing our listings more often.

With our team of six women (four agents, two office managers) there is never a shortage of reasons to celebrate and we take opportunities for team lunches, birthday celebrations and recently, one of our own got engaged, so we are thrilled for her and full of congratulations!

I feel lucky to have a group of women who build each other up and fill in for shortfalls. In our office we have our mission statement on our wall and part of that reads:

“We are wonder women, no task is too big or too small, we handle it all…”

I think that I have become a better leader over the last few years and I always do my best to create and maintain a respectful and fun environment. I have mentors myself, hire experts to educate when needed and I belong to other organizations outside of the real estate industry which give me different perspectives.

I expect that 2017 could be our best year ever!

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