The Monk Who Sold His House

We have had some of the nicest clients sell their home this past year! I remember one of the sweetest couples. It was time for them to return to the east coast and I was privileged to sell their property in the inner city as their Calgary REALTOR®. You wouldn’t believe how many unique circumstances bring about a move. These folks were returning to Nova Scotia, re-acquainting with family and friends and are opening a bed and breakfast (which I am invited to anytime!).

I have had people move to Vancouver and Texas for work, build their retirement home on an acreage outside the city limits and I have worked with lovebirds, on the joyful occasion, when they sell their separate properties and buy their first home together to begin their lives.

There are also much more solemn occasions for selling like a death in the family or a heartbreaking divorce.

I think one of the most unique reasons for selling I was ever a part of, was the man who was a monk and decided it was time to spread his wings and bought a one way ticket to Thailand to retire!

Everyone has their own unique reasons for buying and selling and I respect your unique motivation and am here to help navigate the happy or hard times.

If you have been thinking of selling your home, for whatever reason, we are always here to help!