Staging Perfection!

There is nothing lovelier than walking in to a perfectly staged home that suits your client’s needs and presents like it’s put on its best tuxedo to impress them!

Everyone knows that living in a home is totally different than presenting a home for sale – and in fact, the two don’t often mix that well.

When the conditions are right, a family has bought already or moved dwellings and their property can be staged and not lived in, then the staging artist can really get creative!

If you are thinking of staging your home for sale and you live in it, I would caution you that it can be quite challenging to keep up appearances for very long! Our natural need for having ‘our stuff’ within grasp adds to clutter before you know it! And those family pictures on the wall are happy memories for the home owner but just white noise to potential buyers.

Main rooms can be drastically improved and romantic master suites can really become dreamy with the right home stylist.

We all love visiting a nicely staged home, but living in one can be a little unrealistic. While I usually recommend putting effort into showing a ‘ready to buy’ product, if you are living in your home until it sells then complete staging may not be a convenient option for you.

However, if you have moved or have the option to vacate while your property is for sale, then the right staging can help the right buyer fall in love with your home.

I just love the way an ideal piece of art, a faux fur throw or multiple cushions can suddenly transform a room from gloomy to glamorous!

When I help you with the sale of your home, we will go through all the options and costs of staging – but don’t be surprised if you fall in love with your home again and don’t want to leave! It’s happened before.

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