What Buyers Need to Know

Friends, here are a few thoughts for today.

We often field calls from buyers wanting to view the homes we have listed. We always ask if they have a REALTOR® and if they do, we do not want to interfere with an existing relationship and we also want to respect other industry members.

Our expectation is that if we show you our listing you will sign a mandatory document called “Buyer’s Brokerage” and it outlines our working relationship – that we will work on your behalf. If you already have a Realtor you are going to write your offer through please call them, it is their job to represent you.

We often hear things like ” well we don’t want to bother them” or “we have not decided if we will use our old Realtor”, or “we have just started looking and we will call the listing agents to show us all the listings and then when we find one we will call our Realtor to write an offer.”

When you are serious enough to start looking at homes in person, please engage the services of a REALTOR®, they are there to guide and help. They are there to act in your best interests. Often buyers believe if they call the listing agent they will get a better deal. This is not the case with our team and many teams. There are no fees for the Buyer and our commissions are determined at the time we take the listing with the seller.

Whether we represent the seller, or the seller and the buyer at the same time, our fees have already been determined. This is part of the listing contract with the seller at the time we list the home. Moral of the story…pick an agent, commit to them and have them work for you. Many work very hard, day and night, to insure they find you the right home!

And if you do NOT have an agent then our team would be more than happy to help and offer you all of our experience and expertise so that you get the perfect home at the best price.