Places in Calgary to Run

You won’t find me on a mat in a hot studio; I’m not a yogi. You won’t find me on a stationary bike in a colourful room; I’m not a cyclist. You’ll find me on various terrains, along the river, through the forest, on cracked pavement clocking distance from point to point; I am a runner. And if you’re a runner like me, here are my top favourite places in Calgary to run.

Edworthy Park – Through the trails, along the Bow River.

Eau Claire – Along the Bow River, there is a common loop that people do around to 14th street, along Memorial and through Prince’s Island Park.

Inner-City South West – Along with Elbow River (close to Mission and Stanley Park).

And as you may know, everyone and their dog likes to run the stairs at McHugh Bluff’s (I’m thinking it’s for the skyline views). Now, I love running stairs, but I don’t particularly like having to battle the crowd, so I go to the stairs behind the Glencoe Club, along Earl Grey Crescent.

Running for me is therapy. When I run it clears my mind and fills my soul. It releases then tension in my body and gives me a fresh perspective on things. The things that felt problematic at the beginning of my run end with clarity and resolution. Running makes me happy and healthy!